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World of Goo – Demo



First of all, I wanted to show you how much this game has achieved. I have installed this game about 2 years ago and I still play it from time to time. This is an awesome puzzle game and it has great graphics, game-play, music, sound effects, just everything is perfect. In this game, you are in the imaginary World of Goo and your main task is to solve all puzzles that come in you way through the game. At the beginning of every level you will see a sign with”!” that tells you [Read More...]


Orbox B


Today’s online game is a fun little game called Orbox B.  The object of the game is to manoeuvre your little red square until you can exit the level.  When you push the red square in a certain direction you will continue going until you hit an object.  Which means if there is no object to stop you, you will continue on until you reach the edge of the screen.  As the game gets harder, you get less and less patient to try out different moves to solve the puzzle.

I quite enjoy games like this.  [Read More...]




On searching for puzzle games, you never know what you will get.  I stumbled upon this game while looking for puzzle games at addictinggames.com.  I started to play the game and couldn’t stop myself.  You can also find it at the developers website.  Hybrid Mind Studios.

What is so fun about the game is that you are a piece of rust and you have to make all the bolts rusty as well.  As you go over the bolts your rust piece gets bigger by the size of the bolt.  This makes it tricky when you are trying to [Read More...]




Cogs is a game for Android phone as well as for iPhone and is available on the desktop for Windows, Mac and Linux.  Here are the links to either the Demo or the Full Game.  If you are the kind of person that can remember The 15 Puzzle, or are playing it even now, you will like this game.  Even if you haven’t played The 15 Puzzle, chances are good that you will like this game.  I have played The 15 Puzzle game and remembered absolutely despising it as a kid.  I would [Read More...]




What can I say about this game other then its absolutely brilliant and refreshing.  This game has versions for Pc, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.  Machinarium is not your typical adventure game at all.  I have been playing adventure games since 1992 and out of all the great games that I have played this one is in the top 3.  I would only put the first time I played Myst and Pandora Directive as better games.  Those are older games though.  Welcome to the new, out of the box thinking of adventure games from Indie projects.

Ok [Read More...]




Botanicula is a computer game that can be played on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.  It is one of those puzzle games that you would never think is a puzzle game.  In a nutshell it is 5 characters exploring their surroundings.  They try to survive and save the environment around them as it is being over run by evil black creatures.  You will have to solve many a puzzle to get through this game, some which do not seem like puzzles at all but just a continuation of the storyline.

The graphics in this game are absolutely stunning.  [Read More...]