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Escape the Phone Boot


A few days ago I blogged about a very simple escape the room puzzle game called Jail Escape. If you are up for the real work you definitely have to try Escape The Phone Boot. Although there are less Phone Boots can be found in the streets due to mobile phones.

Object (obviously )is to escape from The Phone Booth. As usual, there is no plot behind your encasement. All that matters is that you need to escape! The queue of items at your disposal is extremely limited, so you need [Read More...]


Jail Escape – Escape The Room Game


Jail Escape is a very simple ‘point and click’ / ‘escape the room’ puzzle game.

For people who never played an ‘escape the room’ puzzle game this is a nice start to see if you like this kind of puzzles. If you are a more experienced ‘escape the room’ puzzles then you can try to solve this puzzle game as fast as possible and with a minimum of clicks.

Object of Escape Jail is to try and find your way out of the jail cell by using your brain and thinking logically. Happy Puzzling!

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Escape the House – Escape The Room


I know it’s called Escape the Room Puzzle games, but this time I will call it a Escape The House Puzzle Game.

At the Japanese website 709709.com you can find three escape the room puzzle games which is recommended to play in order. Although everything is Japanese you can easily play this escape the room puzzle game as you only have to click on items you see.

Part 1 of this sequence of this Escape the room puzzle game is in the bedroom, part [Read More...]


Loose the Moose – Escape The Room


Loose the Moose is the latest point-and-click / escape-the-room puzzle game by game designer Bart Bonte and just released.

As with most other games like it, the premise is a simple one: you’re in a room, you need to get out. You will have to be observant and think logically to solve puzzles that lead you to your escape.

If you get stuck, there will be help provided in the comments before long. Perhaps even a walk-through for those that get lost along the way. Loose the Moose can be found at Bart Bonte’s website from [Read More...]


Aquaria – Escape The Room


Aquaria is another, so called, locked room puzzle game. The graphics are great, the music is lovely only sometimes it is very difficult to solve the puzzles, I wonder if this is while they are translated form Japanese?

The plot of Aquaria is fairly straightforward. You have been searching for the ancient ruins of an underground civilization called Aquaria, and one day you find an ancient relic that teleports you down there, and you must unlock the mysteries of the ruins.

only downside is that the cursor does not change shape or color to tell you when something is clickable [Read More...]


Sphere Locked Room – Escape The Room


Sphere is yet another Escape The Room puzzle game in which you are locked in a room.

Just click around and collect things so you can get out. Best thing is that you can save the flash game so you can continue later.

The complete walk-through will be published in April. So if you don’t find the solution for Sphere you have to wait a few weeks. Happy Puzzling!

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MOTAS Adventure


MOTAS (Mystery Of Time And Space) is an online graphic adventure game, by Jan Albertus, in which the adventurer has to solve riddles and puzzles, find and use objects, escape from locked rooms, find hidden passages throughout the adventure.

The adventurer has also to be a detective and examine everything to unlock the doors of the mystery of time and space. Happy Puzzling!

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