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Woodhead: puzzle app for iphone, ipad


Matthew Klundt, of Terrible Games, recently sent me a promo code to play-test his puzzle app Woodhead.

Woodhead is a sliding tiles puzzle that uses the principle of: a tile will slide all the way until it hits a wall or solid object. We’ve seen several dozen of these types of puzzles before. A favorite is Blockhouse.

Woodhead has some old and new, interesting elements.

1. The object is to swipe Woodhead to the exit and picking up jewels first. Nothing new here.

2. On some levels, Woodhead must first pick up a key to unlock a door. We’ve seen [Read More...]




Cogs is a game for Android phone as well as for iPhone and is available on the desktop for Windows, Mac and Linux.  Here are the links to either the Demo or the Full Game.  If you are the kind of person that can remember The 15 Puzzle, or are playing it even now, you will like this game.  Even if you haven’t played The 15 Puzzle, chances are good that you will like this game.  I have played The 15 Puzzle game and remembered absolutely despising it as a kid.  I would [Read More...]




What can I say about this game other then its absolutely brilliant and refreshing.  This game has versions for Pc, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.  Machinarium is not your typical adventure game at all.  I have been playing adventure games since 1992 and out of all the great games that I have played this one is in the top 3.  I would only put the first time I played Myst and Pandora Directive as better games.  Those are older games though.  Welcome to the new, out of the box thinking of adventure games from Indie projects.

Ok [Read More...]


Puzzle App of the Week: Arrow Command

Arrow Commnad 1

Arrow Command is a set of 120 maze puzzles. The Big Red Arrow must get to the red circle, while picking up stars along the way. You must place little red arrows to guide the Big Arrow home. We’ve seen this type of puzzle before. Galaxy Express comes to mind. Arrow Command has a few nice features: 1. Multiple colored arrows. The very easy levels have just one Big Red Arrow to get to its destination. Other levels have blue and green arrows that must get to their respective circles. 2. Wormholes: we’ve seen this before. 3. Toggling Arrows. Suppose 2 Big Green Arrows both [Read More...]


Banzai Dice

Banzai Dice

Banzai Dice is a point scoring puzzle app. The object is to create strings of 4 consecutive numbers or 4 identical numbers to score points, and make those dice disappear from the grid. A string could be horizontal, vertical, in the shape of a square or even a zigzag pattern – but not diagonal. The left column indicates the next 6 dice to place onto the field. You may place the number in any column where a plunger will finalize the move. However, a 3 cannot go under a 3. If the board fills up, the [Read More...]


Disney’s Finding Nemo: My Puzzle Book for iPhone and iPad


Follow Nemo’s underwater adventure in Disney’s Finding Nemo: My Puzzle Book in this app designed for iPhone and iPad.

Nemo’s first day at school leads to a bigger journey than he ever imagined. Follow the story as Marlin searches for Nemo, solve jigsaw puzzles, and collect fish tank treasures along the way in this Finding Nemo Puzzle Book app. Happy Puzzling!



Fling The Furballs – Online Puzzle Game


Fling The Furballs is an addictive Sokoban styled puzzle game by SmartKit.

Object of Fling The Furball is to drag a furball in a straight line toward another to fling it and end up with only one furball left.

This puzzle game comes with 30 levels and and 1000′s of unique puzzles. Fling The Furball is also available for the iPhone via iTunes. Happy Puzzling!


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