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Cubor – 3D Online Puzzle Game


Cubor is a fun 3D online puzzle game and is yet another variant of the world famous puzzle game Bloxorz.

Object is to roll your cubes to to same colored target area’s. Click a cube to select it. Click an arrow to move the cube. Drag the background to rotate the view. Use the mouse-wheel to zoom to solve 15 levels. Happy Puzzling!

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Audio Puzzle For iPhone and iPod


Audio Puzzle by Dexoris Nominated as the Best Music Game of 2009 for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The innovative music game Audio Puzzle for iPhone and iPod touch has been nominated as the best music game of 2009 by the popular review site 148apps.com. This nomination is part of the Best App Ever award ceremony and was Audio Puzzle selected by users of the site and a team of industry veterans.

Audio Puzzle, created by young Icelandic developers Dexoris, is therefore recognized as a worthy competitor to other [Read More...]


IsoBall – Online Puzzle Game


IsoBall is a physics based online action puzzle game.

Object of Isoball is to roll a ball into a hole. Create a track by placing blocks that will allow the ball to roll into the hole.

Use the Mouse to select and place blocks on the game grid, use the eraser button to erase placed pieces, reset wipes the space clean, click start to set the ball rolling, get perfect scores to unlock bonus levels.

There are 20 levels to solve and the tutorial for Isoball is build-in into the game. Happy Puzzling!

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Bubbel Spinner – iPhone Puzzle Game


It seems there is a new version of Bubble Spinner called Bubble Spinner 2, but as far as I can see it’s the same as the first version.

Well something is new: Bubble Spinner is now also available for iPhone and iPod Touch (iTunes link alert).

Object stays the same, clear all the bubbles from the game board scoring as many points as possible. You can remove balls by forming groups of three or more similarly colored balls. Aim with your mouse and click to shoot. Happy Puzzling!


Chromixa – Jigsaw Of Light Puzzle Game For iPhone/iPod


Chromixa is a new and unique colour-blending puzzle game, designed specifically for the iPhone & iPod touch. Truly the first of its kind.

Arrange shapes of light to complete beautifully designed puzzles. Based on the colors found within white light, red, green and blue combine to create new colors as shapes overlap. Like a jigsaw of light, your goal is to arrange the shapes to fill an outline with a single color. As you complete puzzles, the points you earn can be used to unlock fun arcade-style mini games.

Like all good puzzle games, [Read More...]


Jigazo – Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles


Ji Ga Zo is a brand new universal jigsaw puzzle with a series of 300 completely compatible puzzle pieces, each represents a slightly different tone and is marked with a tiny icon.

You could take your favorite photo (approx. 600x800px and in jpg format) and send it by email to Jigazo, and Jigazo gives you return mail with a paint-by-numbers style icon map within 10 seconds. There is a special email address for iPhone users.

Position each piece in accordance to the map, and presto, you’ve got yourself a customized puzzle. As Jigazo is [Read More...]


Wake Up The Box – Online Puzzle Game


Wake Up The Box is an online physics based puzzle game by OloloGames.

Object is to wake up Mr. Box as he sleeps too much. Wake him up with all items available in this physic based puzzle game.

There are twenty levels full of puzzle fun. Instructions are included in the puzzle game itself. Happy Puzzling!

Update : Enjoy also Wake Up The Box for iPhone iPod Touch and iPad.


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