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Haunted Mirror Mazes for iPhone


In 2008 we wrote already about online puzzle game Haunted Mirror Mazes from The Griddle.

Haunted Mirror Mazes is now available from The Griddle and CH4 Productions: the official Haunted Mirror Maze iPhone and iPod Touch app with sweet graphics and an epic swipe and touch interface!

Test your logic skills in the spookiest puzzle game out there. Haunted Mirror Maze includes over thirty levels of this unique puzzle made popular on The Griddle. Find the ghosts, zombies, and vampires running amok in [Read More...]


Popnus Puzzle – Match Three Puzzle Game


Popnus Puzzle is an addictive match three puzzle game by Happy Nutz Studio.

Popnus Puzzle comes with completely unique game play mechanics. In Popnus you have the chance to plan your own strategies, solve more than 80 clever puzzles or survive a frantic blast of bombs with such a freedom never seen in this kind of game. Popnus Puzzle is available online, for PC, Max and very soon also for your iPod and iPhone. Happy Puzzling!



Pentominoes Puzzles for your iPhone


Puzzle fanatic? Love a challenge? The Pentos app might just be for you.

Created by a retired professor of mathmatics, Pentos is a modern remake of pentominoes puzzles for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Pentominoes puzzles are educational and thought-provoking shape puzzles that can vary in difficulty, depending on what settings you start with on this app. You can make it easy or hard, large or small, and have a puzzle you can solve in 30 seconds or one that will keep you guessing for minutes on end.

In [Read More...]


iStargaze – iPhone Puzzle Game


iStargaze is a simple but yet challenging puzzle game for the iPhone in which you draw connecting lines between stars.

When the required amount of intersecting line connection is made, you advance to the next level. The stars in iStargaze don’t make just lines, but also move, make shapes and scale.

In all, there are 80 levels to challenge. You need only touch and drag away from the stars to create a line. Blue, green and yellow all create lines however different colored stars have different amount of lines which can be pulled [Read More...]


Hexplode – Online Logic Puzzle Game


Hexplode is a logic puzzle game of tactics using exploding hex-shaped tiles.

Object is to eliminate your opponent from the game grid by blowing up your own tiles, you conquer your opponent’s tiles. Part of the fun is seeing the board light up when the explosion cause a chain reaction.

Hexplode is also available for the iPhone and iPod. Happy Puzzling!

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Rolling Cube Maze – Online Puzzle Game


If you liked Bloxorz, than your probably also like Rolling Cube Maze. An online 3D version of the Rolling Cube Mazes.

Object is to reach the arrow outlined with a white border. To rotate entire view, drag on the window. To rotate cube, click on the side surface of the cube, or click on the direction circle of right Arrow Window. The direction of arrow of cube and that of earth must be same, or cube will not rotate. Happy Puzzling!

If you liked Rolling Cube Maze you will probably [Read More...]


Triazzle Released for iPhone


Two months ago we published a great interview with Dan Gilbert, creator of Triazzle.

Now it’s time for the release of one of the most successful puzzles of the last decade. The award-winning cardboard brain teaser that has sold over five million copies now brings you the next generation of its popular puzzle series, an enchanting animated puzzle that “Comes to Life” exclusively on Apple’s mobile gaming platforms the iPhone and iPod Touch. On July 17th 2009 Traizzle has been launched on the iPhone [Read More...]

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