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Link Up – iPhone Puzzle Game


Link Up is a simple, yet challenging game, where the objective of the game is to link four or more pieces on a board in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. Once linked, these linked pieces are then removed from the board. The game is turn based and on each turn the player moves a piece to try and link-up with existing pieces. More pieces are added to the board after each turn and the game is over when the player can no longer link-up pieces.

Features:- Multiple themes including Underwater, Jungle and Dungeon. Can you unlock the other themes?- [Read More...]


Strimko – Logic Puzzle


Strimko is a brand new logic puzzle based upon Latin Squares and is also available via Puzzles.com

Strimko is a logic grid & numbers puzzle and can be solved with a pure logic. The puzzle concept is very simple and uses only three basic elements: rows, columns, and streams. All elements have equal numbers of cells, and the goal is to make each basic element containing the whole(!) set of specified numbers.

Strimko challenges are quite compact (4 x 4, 5 x 5, 6 x 6, or 7 x 7 grids), so the solver uses a [Read More...]


Auditorium – Online Puzzle Game


Auditorium is a nice online puzzle game from a company called Cipher Prime and combines music and light into one addictive puzzle game.

There is no need to tell how to play Auditorium or to explain the object of this puzzle game. Just visit the website Play Auditorium Dot com and don’t forget to switch on your speakers. Auditorium has has beautiful visuals and a hypnotic soundtrack. Happy Puzzling!

Update 1 : Puzzle Game ‘Auditorium’ coming Fall/Winter 2009 to iPhone and will have 25 levels played through 5 acts.

Update 2 : Auditorium iPhone is available [Read More...]


Blockular – Online Puzzle Game


Blockular is a nice extended variant of Same Game.

Object of Blockular is to reunite your characters by sliding them together in Arcade or Story mode. You can remove blocks by clicking three or more adjacent blocks of the same color and drag them with your mouse to the direction you want (up, right, down or left). New blocks will appear from the direction which you moved your mouse. You will have to do other things as the game progresses such as collecting cake and flushing bad guys away. Happy Puzzling!


Totomi – Online Puzzle Game


Totomi is an online Flash puzzle game also soon available for iPhone and other mobile devices with Java.

Totomi is an addictive and cheerful totem-building puzzle action game. Object is to feed and breed animals to make your totem higher, stack up score and clear levels that introduce more and more animal species. My first try gave me 12223 points and listed me as 5th on the leader board but probably you can do much better. Happy Puzzling!



Flood It


Flood It is a nice small puzzle game. The object of the game is to flood the whole board with one color in less than 25 steps.

You start from the top left corner and progress by selecting one of the colored balls on the left. When you change your current area color, every adjacent square with the same color also changes, that way you can flood other areas on the board. Play this fun and addictive game from your Personalized Homepage. Happy Puzzling!

Update : Flood It for iPhone is now [Read More...]


Haunted Mirror Mazes


Haunted Mirror Mazes puzzle has been created by David Millar and is inspired by my mirror maze puzzles from Erich Friedman.

The game grid represents a mirror maze with mirrors and some combination of ghosts, vampires, and zombies. Use the numbers of people seen from outside the maze to determine what entity each dot represents. Some puzzles may contain additional constraints.- A vampire can be seen head on from the edge of the maze, but cannot be seen as a reflection in a mirror.- A ghost cannot be seen head on from the maze edge; only [Read More...]

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