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Phit – Online Puzzle Game


Another Blokus/Tetris-style look a like puzzle game created in Flash by Jeff Wofford.

The object of Phit is to ‘phit’ [read fit] all squares into a yellow tray at the bottom of the grid. You can’t rotate or break up the squares. If you want to rotate and resize blocks have a look at the flash puzzle game Jigscale.

Again easy game play; just drag and drop each block until it ‘Phits’ into the yellow tray. Phit has 100 levels and should keep you puzzling for a few hours. Happy [Read More...]


Audacious Audiopuzzles Book


Audio puzzles?, Yes we are talking about Audio puzzles. An Audio puzzle game is a challenging problem, like a brainteaser or logical puzzle, in audio format.

There are lots of variety from one Audio puzzle game to another. Sometimes an Audio puzzle game includes recorded sound effects, sometimes math problems, sometimes verbal play, or even descriptions of graphics or scenarios. In all cases, you have the challenge of listening to the Audio puzzle game and figuring out the answer. You can try to solve the puzzles your self or with your family and friends.

AudioPuzzles.com publishes a variety of Audio [Read More...]


Jelly Blocks – Online Puzzle Game


Jelly Blocks is a very addictive Flash puzzle game created by Michael Le. The object of the game is simple, just connect all matching colored blocks together (it looks a little bit like the puzzle ReMaze from Jay Is Games Flash Games Design Competition).

Game play is easy, simple use the arrow keys to move the blocks, and note that all the blocks move simultaneously in the same direction, except when they are blocked. There are in total 100 levels available and your progress through the game is automatically saved after you complete a [Read More...]


Rolling Block – Maze Puzzle Game


Rolling Block Maze is another version of Rolling Block Mazes like Bloxorz.

Although this puzzle game is designed to test some 3D and therefor only has three levels it will keep you busy for a while. Object is to get the rolling block standing on the cell marked with a the with X. You control the rolling block with your cursor keys.

There is also a link to the concept of Rolling Block Mazes and the different versions of this game. For puzzle lovers this is really worth reading. Happy Puzzling!


Ingenious – Puzzle Board Game


Ingenious is a new puzzle game based on the best-selling and award-winning board game by German board game designer Reiner Knizia.

The electronic version of Ingenious which can be played on PC’s by Merscom. At their website you can download a free 60 minutes trail version of the Ingenious puzzle game but also download the complete version of Ingenious for US$ 19.99.

The game is easy to play, but very difficult to master, Ingenious is a unique combination of strategy and luck! You objective is to conquer the [Read More...]


Free iPhone Puzzle Games


Sudoku, Match Three and Collapsing Blocks (also known as SameGame) are the first three puzzle games to be released for the iPhone from MacMost. The games can be played for free by iPhone users by simply using their iPhone to browse to MacMost.com.

MacMost.com is a Apple enthusiast site with news, tutorials and a weekly video podcast. It is produced by CleverMedia, an Internet content company that has created more than 300 Web-based games since 1995.

Gary Rosenzweig, founder of CleverMedia and executive producer of MacMost, created the games in anticipation of the iPhone launch, without [Read More...]


Cube-It – Online Puzzle Game


If you liked Online Puzzle Game Bloxorz you will probably also like Cube-It.

Just like Bloxorz, Cube-It (aka Red Square) is a simple but very addictive puzzle game. The aim of Flash Puzzle Game Cube-It is to move the green cube around each level by clicking on any cube next to it.

There are different colors of cubes which do different things. The Red cubes will fall down after you have moved of them. Keep your green cube moving around the level until you have made all red cubes fall down.

Cube-It [Read More...]

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