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LynzFree: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad


LynzFree comes from Matthew Little.

It is an edge-matching puzzle with funky colors.  There are 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.  In the beginner levels: trade the 9 tiles in a 3×3 grid.  In the intermediate level: same as beginner, but some tiles can also rotate.

Advanced levels: they’re not ready.

I’ve been doing edge-matching puzzles for many years.  It’s not something I actively seek out.  However, I do like these graphics. Right now I’ve done 2 of the beginner and 2 of the intermediate levels.

It’s a free puzzle app game. Kids will like this.



HexMaze: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad


Hex Maze comes from Xia Pei Ming. It’s not a maze. There’s nothing maze-y about it! I suspect that the author used ‘maze’ as a synonym for puzzle.

Rearrange the tiles so that each one has the correct number of tiles surrounding it.  For example, do you see the yellow 2? It’s good because it’s next to 2 tiles.  Red means that too many tiles are touching it. Green – not enough tiles.

We’ve seen this type of puzzle many times before with a rectangular grid.  So it’s nice to see this.  Also, the graphics are good.

In terms of ‘puzzle [Read More...]


Broken Sword: Director’s Cut by Revolution Software Ltd


This new addition to the loved story line of Broken Sword brings with it a new narrative and story line that makes this game worth every penny. Our heroine Nico Collard finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy when she is invited to interview statesman Pierre Carchon after a brutal murder in Paris.

You will soon find yourself sucked in to the dark, mysterious storyline as the two travel the world solving puzzles and battling a dark conspiracy surrounding the Knights Templar. The beautifully executed graphics will have you stunned as you travel with the characters to each [Read More...]


Penguin Plunge: puzzle app for iphone, ipad


Penguin Plunge: Stuck in Antarctica is exactly like Lunar Lockout from ThinkFun.

ThinkFun has been getting ripped off too many times. Too often, somebody comes out with a version of Rush Hour.

This is the second ripoff of Lunar Lockout.

Nob Yoshigahara was the creative force behind Lunar Lockout.  I recall sitting on the side during an International Puzzle Party in Tokyo and he was performing a magic trick. He told me that it was ‘so simple’. But I don’t think anybody could figure it out.  He was a character.



TouchNumber 3D: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad


If something looks like a Rubik’s Cube, I’m interested.

TouchNumber 3D has nothing to do with Rubik’s Cube.

The object is to tap on the numbers from 0 – 26 as quickly as possible. That’s it.

#0-8 are yellow, the next set is green, then purple. So that helps.

It’s fun for maybe 5 minutes. It will not make the List of Best Puzzle Apps of 2013. Not a chance!

But I like the graphics.



Jewellust by Smartpix Games


With the feel of Bejewelled Blitz, this vibrant and colorful new gem game is sure to enhance your collection. You’ll find the entire game is set up with an Ancient Egypt look and feel adding even more fun to play time. The rules are basic and easy to grasp right away. Match up three like gems on the screen to eliminate a row or column before time runs out. If you match four a bonus gem will appear. The goal is to bring all the mosaic tiles to the bottom row before you run out of time. When playing in [Read More...]




CandyCanes Games offers you its latest installment of fun, lively puzzle games with Fling! Over one year of development was used to bring you 10,000 unique puzzles, assuring you that no two puzzles you will come across on this brain adventure will ever be quite the same. Like the childhood game of king of the mountain, push and fling your fur balls at one another and knock them off the edge until only one fur ball is left standing.

This adorable puzzle game allows you to play at your own pace and will automatically track your progress and stats, [Read More...]

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