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DJ Mole: puzzle app for iphone, ipad

dj mole 1

DJ Mole is a sokoban type puzzle.  The object is to get the DJ Mole to traverse the grid and pick up old albums.  If DJ Mole picks up a blue album, then his headphones turn blue and that allows him to push blue obstacles out of his way.

Other featueres: rainbow albums, teleporters,

One drawback is that you can’t see the entire grid all at once. But that adds another element of complexity.

There are 15 free levels, and I’ve done them all.

Without a doubt, this concept is not entirely original. But the implementation of a Mole who [Read More...]


Oball: point scoring puzzle app


Oball is a point scoring puzzle app from Vlifect. Their webpage is down or defunct. However, the puzzle game is quite good.

The object is to get 4 balls of the same color into a cluster of 4 or more. When that happens, they disappear and you score points.

Gameplay: tap on 2 balls and if they can trade places via an open path (no diagonals), they will swap.

You score more points by getting a cluster of 5 or 6. But that’s not necessarily an optimal strategy.

Right now, my score is about 17,000. That’s from playing 30 minutes [Read More...]


Vaccine Case: puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Vaccine Case 1

Vaccine Case is a brilliant, original, FUN, puzzle by Wataru Nakano.

The object is to kill the viruses with the matching gases by opening and closing doors. When the virus is killed, the gas will disappear from that room Therefore, you may need to save some gas for down the road.

Previously, I reviewed the Lite version which has 12 levels.  The paid version is $2.99 with 100 levels.  Well worth the money.

Right now I’ve solved about 97 of the levels. Brilliant and fun.  Easily one of the Best Puzzle App Games ever.


Knight Moves

knight moves

Knight Moves comes from Ken Wessen. (Not to be confused with Night Moves, the song by Bob Seger)  If you’re familiar with the famous Knight’s Tour problem, you’ll like this – it’s different.

In the Knight’s Tour, your objective is to move the knight onto each square exactly once.

In this puzzle game app, your objective is to move onto the light squares only!

Hey, this is free!


Luma Link: puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Luma Link


Luma Link is a series of 300 puzzles where the object is to slide the tiles around until the silver ball can go into the red hole. The silver ball can travel to an adjacent tile.


Tiles can move horizontally/vertically ONLY IF the selected tile has a matching colored tab with another tile on that same row/column. You’ll notice that some tiles have tabs only at 12 o’clock & 6 o’clock: they can only move up and down, never side to side.


I have done all the medium & hard levels.  The presentation is slick. This [Read More...]


Logi5Puzz: puzzle app for iphone ipad


Logi5Puzz is a free puzzle game app from Hui-Min Lu. It is simlar to sudoku and is essentially a Latin Square.  Each color region must have the #s 1-5.  Same for each row and column.

Logi5Puzz is not new, but it is fast and free.  Good for young puzzlers.



Gravox: puzzle game app for iphone, ipad


Gravox is a free puzzle game app.  The object is to manuever the white square to the red square,  which stays in place.

This is NOT a tilt maze.  Look at the image.  Notice that right edge is yellow? That’s where the gravity force is. Tap once and the bottom edge turns yellow and everything falls down.  Tap again and everything falls to the left.  And yes, tap again, and everything falls up.

Gravox has a lite version.  It consists of 5 puzzles – but you can play each of them with difference speeds or G Forces.

I have solved [Read More...]

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