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Jigsaw World Record Attempt


John Lawrence started The Big Jig to launch and support his World Record attempt to create the world’s largest Jigsaw Puzzle, according to the guidelines as laid down by Guinness World Records.

A huge amount of planning and organisation is required for a record attempt like this, therefor this will be a costly event. You can help John to succeed in this record attempt and also help at the same time Charity. You can buy puzzle pieces (bricks) or help to put all 60,000 pieces together. This will be a public event which will probably in London UK.

If you [Read More...]


Jigsaw Puzzle with only Edge Pieces


The first thing I do when solving a Jigsaw Puzzle is to find the edge pieces and build the outside of the puzzle.

This to get started, but with The Edge Jisgsaw Puzzle this won’t work because this puzzle contains edge jigsaw pieces only (each piece has one straight edge). At Amazon you can find four of this kind of jigsaw puzzles with a 1.000 edge pieces each for around US$ 14.

If you like to read more about jigsaw puzzle please read our jigsaw puzzle page.

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Today I received an email about the NUZL PUZL which is a new concept combining the fun of a jigsaw puzzle, the challenge of Sudoku and the educational benefits of understanding magic squares. As a bonus, the NUZL PUZL also contains the rules of a unique game, NUZL DOKU, designed to teach all ages the number placement rules of magic squares while providing a fun family game.

Created in three formats, the original 81 piece NUZL set is manufactured exclusively by Kinlux in China but is the creation of Innuendo Games, a division of Innuendo Design. It can be licensed [Read More...]


Win The Golden Jigsaw Competition


The Golden Jigsaw competition starts at 12h00 [CET] today has ended. The competition requires you to find in total 1,000 jigsaw puzzle pieces scattered around the web and assemble them (if you can’t find them you can also buy puzzle pieces). The first to find and assemble all of the pieces will win US$ 1,000,000.

Most of the pieces are, of course, located on the sites of paying advertisers, as this is how the prize money gets paid. The final ten pieces will be located on charity websites. [via Puzzlinks.com]. Happy Puzzling!

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World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Solved


Scott Slater and his wife P.J. (along with some help from their two daughters Whitney and Sydney) were the first to solve the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle of 24.000 pieces. It took them 34 days in total to complete all four sections.

At their website ‘the construction of Life: The Great Challenge‘ you can read some tricks and techniques used to solve a giant jigsaw puzzle. Also you can find there pictures made each day while solving this jigsaw puzzle. At the official website of the [Read More...]


Puzzle Style Photo Frame


For the kids who love puzzles and pictures there is now a Puzzle Style Photo Frame.

In each of the four different colored jigsaw puzzle pieces you can put a photo and create several combination’s as you put them together. This puzzle styled photo frame is made of plastic and looks robust enough for kids to play with.

The puzzle styled photo frame is available via Brando.com.hk and will cost you US$ 14.50.



P-kolino Klick – Desk and Chair


This playfully smart desk and chair set is a perfect fit. The chair and the desk fits together like two jigsaw puzzle pieces.

This set is perfect furniture for as well the parents as the children. With ample working and storage space for the parents and the P’kolino Klick is a lovely place to play for the children. With its ability to cleverly minimize, and thus maximize the home aesthetic, it is perfect for Moms and Dads.

More information via KidsModern. Happy Puzzling!


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