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Puzzle Alarm Clock


This is the puzzle alarm clock that is guaranteed to wake you up! Nobody sleeps through this! It wakes you up by firing four puzzle pieces up in the air, and then it is your task to get the pieces and put them back in the alarm clock – it won’t turn off until then.

Sleep well and wake up puzzling!

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Jigsaw Puzzle Cufflinks – Get Dressed To Puzzle


At cufflinks dot com they sell all kinds of cufflinks for every occasion, even for people who love to show their passion for puzzles they have three different kind of puzzle related cufflinks.

The first pair of cufflinks brings the party to your wrist. A great way to pass a flight. You have to match the loose balls to their home color and you win.

The second pair of cufflinks you can use during a meeting when you are bored. Turn up your wrist and navigate the three balls into the crown.

The third and last pair [Read More...]


Colorcube – 3D Color puzzle


The Ikoso Kits Colorcube is a 3D Color Puzzle manufactured very precisely to .001″ and the cubes are finished with a high-impact color-injected polystyrene plastic.

The object is to put all the 176 pieces together in the right order and construct a matrix of colors. At Color cube they say: “that the matrix of color will dazzle your eyes and spark your imagination. This ain’t the typical jigsaw; there’s WAY more motor skill, finger dexterity and intellect involved!”.

More information can be found at the Colorcube website where you can also download a [Read More...]


Award winning GeoPuzzle


GeoPuzzle is a new puzzle, invented by a former international aid worker, to help children learn African geography in a hands-on manner.

The Africa GeoPuzzle is a jigsaw puzzle map of Africa and the Middle East, with individual pieces shaped like countries. As children assemble the puzzles, they learn about each country from Algeria to Zimbabwe while building cognitive, problem-solving, fine motor, and language skills.

“Lack of geographical knowledge is a big hole in our educational system,” says Bob Galinsky, a former international aid worker and founder of GeoToys. “And in the case of Africa, the hole is the size [Read More...]


Jigsawdoku – Jigsaw Sudoku


At jigsawdoku you can find a nice flash version of Sudoku. And the best of all, it’s for free. Just drag the numbers into the Sudoku grid.

There are Sudoku’s for children as well as the real Sudoku addicts. There are 4×4 (easy), 6×6 (easy and medium) and 9×9 (easy, medium and hard) Sudoku’s available. And to make the Sudoku more difficult you can use instead of numbers, symbols or letters.

It’s still a beta release but I did not find any problems using it. I really liked the drag and drop option of this Sudoku. Enjoy your [Read More...]


Puzzle Floor – Solid Hardwood Flooring


Puzzle Floor™ is a premium quality hardwood floor which creates a special environment in every room you want and for sure it will surprise your visitors.

The solid hardwood flooring components really are as they appear, pre-finished, precision fit jigsaw puzzle pieces.

According to Puzzle Floor™, the two individual patterns interlock quickly and easily to create a floor that’s durable, easy to care for and fun and are available in 13 colors.

More information about Puzzle Floor™ is available on the Puzzle Floor™ website Update : Website does not longer exist.

Update :  Make your own wooden jigsaw floor : [Read More...]


Kaleidoscope Classic – Puzzle Game


This weekend I received an article from a Dutch newspaper about a new puzzle called Kaleidoscope Classic.

It’s a variant of Tangram and a jigsaw puzzle, developed by an Australian and Dutch professor. All you’ve got is a square chess board and 18 pieces of different size and shape.

You have to form different shapes with the puzzle pieces like a flower or a dog. With the puzzle also a book is included which explains how to play the game and also gives you tips and tricks.

You can play Kaleidoscope Classic alone but also with two or three persons. It will be on the Dutch market from the beginning of June and will cost around 25 Euro’s. More information can be found on The Kaleidoscope Classic website.

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