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Oceanic Wonders a 3000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Ravensburger


Oceanic Wonders is one of the top-selling jigsaw puzzles by Ravensburger.

Oceanic Wonders jigsaw puzzle comes in 3000 pieces. The jigsaw pieces have a nice matted finish which makes them easy to see and handle.

Piece together this colorful ocean scene and watch it come to life in wonderful detail. Assemble it; then glue and frame it. With photographic-quality colors, this puzzle looks great in any room once completed. It’s the perfect rainy-day activity for the whole family.

Buy Oceanic Wonders at Amazon.


Skulls and Skeletons – National Geographic Kids Puzzler


National Geographic offers you the best online games and quizzes for kids, including this lovely puzzle game called Skulls and Skeletons.

Object of Skulls and Skeletons is to piece the skull and skeleton photo’s back together. You can choose between two different puzzle types: jigsaw puzzles or slide puzzles and four different pictures. Happy Puzzling!

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The Earth – 540 Jigsaw Piece Puzzleball by Ravensburger


The latest and greatest innovation by Ravensburger, this unique three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle inspires a world of wonder among both kids and adults. It’s specially crafted from sturdy, curved plastic jigsaw pieces that fit securely in place to form a round, smooth ball.

Once completed, proudly display it anywhere using the included sturdy metal V-shaped stand. No glue required. 540 pieces. Measures 8.5″ diameter.

Buy The Earth – 540 Jigsaw Piece Puzzleball at Amazon.com. Happy Puzzling!


Top 3 – Online Jigsaw Puzzle Websites


There are many websites where you can solve jigsaw puzzles online for free,  these three websites offers you the best and most beautiful jigsaw puzzles.

1. National Geographic Online Jigsaw Puzzles

National Geographic offers you an online jigsaw puzzle generator with more than 8,000 pictures of their beautiful photo collection, from which you can select photo’s in several categories (animals, plants, people, landscapes, etc.) and create an online jigsaw puzzle.

Via options you can select the size of the puzzle pieces (small, medium and large). The smaller the jigsaw pieces the more difficult [Read More...]


Bing – Daily Online Jigsaw Puzzles


Microsoft Bing offers you not only a search engine but also online games like three new online jigsaw puzzles each day for free.

You can solve online jigsaw puzzles from the comfort of your own desktop. Jigsaw puzzles boasts a host of features that make solving puzzles easy and enjoyable. Choose from three new puzzles daily. Happy Puzzling!

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Sudoku Ball – Puzzle Game


Sudoku Ball – Puzzle Game is a brand new Sudoku based puzzle game available from PuzzleMaster.ca

Sudoku Ball is formed by twelve pentagons with a jigsaw puzzle shape. There are ten circles around each pentagon. Fill in non-repeating 0-9 numbers in the blank circles to complete the puzzles. Sudoku Ball puzzle will vary in level difficulty. Happy Puzzling!



IZZI – Patern Matching Puzzle by Thinkfun


IZZI is a single player pattern matching puzzle by the world famous puzzle game maker Thinkfun.

Use the 64 Black and White pattern tiles to make a large 8×8 square. The only rule: Black touches Black and White touches White. This puzzle has lots of dead ends and lots more possibilities; it plays a little like a jigsaw puzzle. IZZI is soothing and patient, all ages (8+) will enjoy playing it from young children to parents and seniors.

There is also a colored version available called IZZI 2 with [Read More...]

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