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Jumble Mania: A Collection For Passionate Puzzlers


Now you can play interactive Jumble on your Amazon Kindle with Jumble Puzzles for Kindle, Vol. 1 (Jumble for Kindle), by Puzux next to the original puzzle book Jumble Mania: A Collection For Passionate Puzzlers (Jumbles).

As featured in over 600 daily newspapers and tens of thousands of print books, Jumble challenges you to solve word anagrams and a phrase anagram with the help of a cartoon clue! Happy Puzzling!

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Triple Town (A Puzzle Strategy Game for Kindle)


Until now only a few puzzle games are available for Amazon Kindle. Among the few puzzle games for Amazon’s Kindle is the world famous Sudoku and Crossword puzzles.

Now there is also a strategy puzzle game called Triple Town.

Triple Town is an original strategy game in which you try to grow the greatest possible city. The larger the city you build, the more points you score. You build your city by matching [Read More...]


Word Puzzle Games for Amazon’s Kindle


Amazon’s Kindle now features two word-puzzle games. Barnes & Noble’s Nook already featured Android-based games, opening another software front for the two companies’ fierce e-reader competition.

Amazon’s Kindle now features two word-puzzle games, bringing the e-reader’s features more in line with those of its erstwhile rival, Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

The first game, “Every Word”, requires you find as many words as possible from six or seven scrambled on-screen letters. With the second, “Shuffled Row ”, some sixty lettered tiles are [Read More...]


Mental Math Challenge – 1400 Mental Math Puzzles (Amazon Kindle Edition)


Mental Math Challenge Vol. 1 (1400 Mental Math Puzzles) is a math puzzle book for Amazon’s Kindle reading device.

Challenge your brain with these mental math problems puzzle book. With difficulties from very easy to incredibly tough, anyone can begin to enjoy and improve their math skills. Work out your brain to keep it sharp and in shape while you are on the bus or wait. Happy Puzzling!

Check out : Sudoku’s for Kindle and Crossword Puzzles for Kindle.

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Wooden Puzzles: 31 Favorite Projects & Patterns


Collecting the most popular designs produced by Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts magazine, this authoritative guide offers 28 creative and colorful patterns for upright and interlocking puzzles.

Separated by skill level for easy selection, woodworkers will find pieces ranging in themes from animal to religion—including cuddly cats, Jonah and the whale, a woolly mammoth, and the “world’s most difficult” four-piece puzzle. Each project features a color photograph of the finished piece, a pattern, and detailed, step-by-step instructions for easy completion.

Wooden Puzzles: 31 Favorite Projects & [Read More...]


Crossword Puzzles For Kindle


Crosswords for Kindle, Vol. 1, allows you to play interactive crossword puzzles directly on your Amazon Kindle.

Puzux is the first company to bring quality interactive content to Amazon’s Kindle. Working with renowned crossword writer Myles Mellor, their aim is to deliver the best in mind-games to your Kindle whenever and wherever you are.

Crosswords for Kindle includes five complete crosswords for you to solve. You can save your progress and any point, check your answers and get the full solutions for your puzzle. You can also try a sample of our [Read More...]


Virgin’s Day In The Cloud Challenge


Remember crossword puzzles? Those delightful little grids of trivia fun that both validated your esoteric knowledge and made flight time pass quickly? Thanks to the ubiquity of iPods, and Amzon’s Kindle and in-flight WiFi, poor puzzles have withered into being an old man’s Sunday afternoon activity. But they’re back! Kind of!

On Wednesday June 24 2009, the Wifi-enabled fleet of Virgin America’s planes invite their passengers and those on the ground to whip out their critical thinking and put the credit cards away for a day of free puzzle challenges. It’s being called the “Day In the Cloud,” [Read More...]

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