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Magnetic Sculpture Block


Magnetic Sculpture Block is a fun little “executive toy” that will amuse as well as challenge anyone who picks it up. Young or old, rich or poor, smart or otherwise, this “toy” will amuse just about anyone .It is great to have sitting on your desk to play with when talking on the phone. It is particularly useful when you have to deal with someone on the phone who goes on endlessly, particularly if they are whining and not providing any cheese or crackers and you can’t do anything about their problem. The thing [Read More...]


Magic 16 – 3D Magnetic Brain Teaser Puzzle


Magic 16 is a marvelous puzzle for several reasons. First its shape and then the vibrant colors. That alone makes it “friendly” rather than “scary” for anyone first encountering. It comes with information and instructions. It comes all together, so one gets somewhat familiar with it by just looking at it and taking it apart. Even if one needs to turn to the instructions to put it together, the challenge remains too put it together later without the aid of the instructions. The pieces are made of heavy plastic and it has a ball made of metal that the pieces [Read More...]




Yikerz is an amazing game conceived using the principles of magnets.As everyone knows two magnets will repel or attract depending on how they touch one another.  We also know that this principle is also demonstrated when they get close,even without touching,and depending on how “strong” the magnets are.  Also several magnets will stick together.

What this game does is use the properties of magnets to create an exciting game or challenge for one player or several. The thing that made a game like this really exciting was the super strength magnets that appeared about a decade or [Read More...]