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iKendu = KenKen for iPhone


KenKen for your iPhone / iPod is called iKendu and you can download iKendu for free.

To solve an iKendu (KenKen) puzzle, you combine numbers in each bordered region with the given math operation to obtain the region’s given answer while not repeating any number in any row or column.

The first two iKendu puzzles will help you understand how it works, and you will soon be able to solve all 100 iKendu puzzles. iKendu comes with 10 Easy to Medium (3×3), 40 Medium to Hard (4×4), 40 puzzles Medium to Hard (5×5) and 10 Hard to Difficult (6×6) KenKen [Read More...]


How To Solve KenKen Puzzles


Brian left a comment at a previous blog entry about KenKen Puzzles.

In his comment Brain let’s us know that he is hooked on is KenKen. “I don’t think it’s possible that things like KenKen and crosswords don’t help your brain stay fit.”

Brain also made a 10 minute (!) video about how to start solving a 9×9 KenKen puzzle in which the operation signs are not given.

Brain, Thanks for sharing and Happy Puzzling!



Magic Square – Jigsaw Math Puzzle Game


Magic Square is a combination between a math puzzle and a jigsaw puzzle designed by Dubi Kaufman.

make the sum of the puzzle pieces in each row and column be thirty. Drag the jigsaw puzzle pieces with with figures (0 to 15) to the game board in the center. There are in total 144 solutions, and out of them 16 solutions with also the diagonal has a total sum of thirty. Happy Puzzling!

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MinuPlu – Sudoku Variant


Johannes from PuzLogical.com pointed me to a puzzle called MinuPlu which is the same like KenKen (another Sudoku variant).

The rules for Minuplu are almost as simple as Sudoku or KenKen. All cells of a MinuPlu have to be filled in with numbers. The possible numbers range from 1 to the size of the MinuPlu. For example, in a 44 MinuPlu there are the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each number must appear exactly once in each row and each column.

However, in contrast to Sudoku, there are no blocks where this must be [Read More...]


MathDoku – Sudoku Variant


MathDoku is yet another interesting Sudoku variant.

The games at MathDoku are is loosely similar to killer Sudoku and based on the same rules of Kenken, an educational puzzle invented by Tetsuya Miyamoto in Japan. MathDoku games go by a number of names including KenKen, KenDoKu, kenduko, cancan, square wisdom, minuplu, calcudoku, Math Sudoku and latincalc. It is also slightly similar to a crossword or jigsaw puzzle since it requires trial and error to solve.

MathDoku features games in 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 tables and each have difficulties ranging from easy, medium, hard, and no-op [Read More...]


BlankOut – Online Math Puzzle Game


BlankOut are sometimes simple mathematical equation puzzles available via PlayWithYourMind.com.

The object of BlankOut puzzles is to fill in the blanks with the available numbers such that the mathematical equation holds true. When there are more empty spots than numbers in a Blankout puzzle this means that one or more of the numbers must be used more than once. New BlankOut puzzles added weekly. Happy Puzzling!



Bubble Math Puzzle


Bubble Math Puzzle is an easy math puzzle game.

Object is is to make the three numbers on every line add up to the magic sum as mentioned at the top. Divide the magic sum by three and you will get the value that must be in the center in order to complete the puzzle.

Click on a bubble on the perimeter to swap it with the bubble in the center. A solid bubble indicates a valid number placement. Click on the Restart button for a new puzzle. Happy Puzzling

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