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Brand New Math Puzzle


While looking for a PHP script I found a very nice Math Puzzle written with script language PHP.

For the non-programmers just forget PHP and focus on the Math Puzzle. The puzzle is made up of 4 boards (A through D), each board is split into four groups of four numbers. Each groups of numbers within a board have one solution – so each group of numbers have the same solution per board.

Each board has only one solution. To find the solution, use the operators given under each group. These operators are both used, one is used [Read More...]


Nick’s Mathematical Puzzles


Are you brilliant in Math or do you just want to test your math skills or are you just puzzled by any math puzzle?

Than you should visit Nick’s Mathematical Puzzles website. There are already more than 160 different math puzzles on his website and each week more will follow. Happy Puzzling!

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