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Perplexus – 3D Maze Puzzle Ball


Perplexus Maze Game is a 3D maze puzzle game ball where players must maneuver a small marble around challenging barriers inside a transparent sphere.

Unlike traditional flat-surface mazes that are composed of one path, Perplexus houses various exhilarating tracks with 100 barriers and provides a three dimensional experience. Players select which track they would like to attempt, and then must work with gravity and carefully shift, flip, and twist the sphere to guide the marble. Players can race each other or the clock.

On top of being entertaining, Perplexus is also an educational toy, and assists [Read More...]


Push – Online Puzzle Game


Push is yet another tribute to the classic transport puzzle game like many other Sokoban puzzle games.

Object is to pushes the boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and try to put them in designated locations. Push comes with 150 levels of puzzle pleasure (don’t get distracted by the ads between some of the levels.

Use the arrow keys and move the little guy around. Make him push the jewels into the concrete (grey) blocks. The guy can only push one jewel at a time and cannot pull the jewels. Happy Puzzling!



Cubiq – Online 3D Puzzle Game


Cubiq is a little online 3D puzzle game by Coolbuddy.

Click the the cube to rotate each part of the maze and try to connect all lines to each other. You can move the cube around with the buttons on the bottom to see all sides. This games need some improvements like more levels and only one solution for each level. Nevertheless … Happy Puzzling!



Square 2 Ball – Online Maze Puzzle Game


Square 2 ball is a nice maze puzzle game by StyxTwo Productions.

Object of Square 2 Ball is to guide the blue ball towards the orange ball to complete each of the 35 levels. Use the keyboard arrows to move the blue ball around the game grid, and the mouse button on the blocks so that the ball can go through. But be careful, only visible blocks make the ball stop and the number of clicks you are allowed is specified at the top right hand side. Happy Puzzling!

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Zyl – Online Puzzle Game


Zyl is an experimental puzzle game by Devilish Free.

The games is very minimalistic, you just have to click on the ball to on the right moment to drop the ball from the top of the tower to cross the green zone without touching the moving walls which looks like a moving maze. Happy Puzzling!

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Bricker – Online Puzzle Game


Bricker is yet another Bloxorz and Ice Princess type of puzzle game, but as usual fun to play.

The aim of Bricker is to get the block to fall into the golden plate which need sometimes some thinking ahead. Also Bricker offers you a puzzle game with some nice twist, like wooden plates which can not support the full weight, teleport and bridge plates.

There are 26 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!

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Maze Stopper – Online Puzzle Game


Maze Stopper 3 is an interesting maze puzzle game with some Sokoban effects.

Object is to stop your opponent monsters in the puzzle game getting to the exit first. Modify the maze/labyrinth and move the levers and reach the exits before the CPU-dude. Happy Puzzling!

PS Try also Maze Stopper and Maze Stopper 2

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