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Scorching Earth – Online Puzzle Game


If you liked the maze puzzle game Migration you will probably also like Scorching Earth as it is a similar kind of puzzle game.

Object of Scorching Earth is to burn enough land to win the level. You can spread your fire by spending “Burn Points”. A single fire gains one “Burn Point” every time you press “Burn”. But you will have to be careful, when a tile is completely burnt its fire will go out.

Stay alive by spreading your fire at just the right moments. Blue fires also spread as you progress [Read More...]


Migration – Online Maze Puzzle Game


Via Puzzlinks I found a nice version of a maze puzzle game. The combination between the maze and the real life is in my opinion very thought through.

The object of Migration is to move a gnu to an oasis across a field of varied terrain. Gnus can only move to a zone of the appropriate season, as denoted by sky color. Seasons go Spring (green) -> Summer (yellow) -> Autumn (red) -> Winter (blue) -> Spring. Each time the gnu moves, the season progresses.

In the beginning itís a simple maze but it gets a bit [Read More...]


Loocube – Bloxorz for iPhone


If you like Bloxorz and have an iPhone you can now play Loocube on your iPhone.

At the WeiPhone.com website you can find the release for this very addictive puzzle game variant of Bloxorz. The goal of Loocube (also called Loo) is to get your block in the little hole, just as in Bloxorz.

The game is also exactly the same as Cubicman but has much nicer graphics.

You can download Loocube from WeiPhone (Chinese website) after you downloaded the installer. Happy Puzzling!

Update : A Bloxorz variant called [Read More...]


Abominaball Snow Maze – Online Puzzle Game


Abominaball Snow Maze is a nice online Puzzle Game at Fizzy.com

Game description: You are stuck in an ice maze with some crazed Yetis, cold, lost and scared. Steer your ball through the maze before your time runs out and avoid those holes (which make you start the at the beginning of the level again) and Yetis at all costs. Icy, furry fun of the abominable kind is just seconds away. Happy Puzzling!

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Switch – Online Puzzle Game


Switch is a nice and interesting Flash based puzzle game that need your puzzle skills.

Object is to maneuver a ball through a maze. Your ball can only pass over these colored walls if it has the same color as those walls. Hit the appropriate switch to change the color of your ball and find your way out of the maze.

Plan your moves out if necessary, as youíll end up getting blocked in later levels if you donít. When you reach the purple tile you will move to the next level. Happy puzzling [Read More...]


Ice Princess – Bloxorz look-a-like Puzzle Game


If you liked Bloxorz you will also like Ice Princess puzzle game which is a Bloxorz look-a-like with as an extra a story line.

Ice Princess game description : The beautiful princess Mariebelle has been kidnapped by a magician who keeps her in an ice palace. She must be freed or her heart will turn to ice and she’ll lose her feelings of love and kindness.

A bold prince must find his way through maze-like paths to reach her. Use ice [Read More...]


Paso Doble – Online Puzzle Game


Paso Doble is puzzle game with practically unlimited number of computer-generated mazes. And is similar to the world famous Bloxorz puzzle game.

In Paso Doble (named after the Spanish dance Paso Doble which stands for double step) you move your puppet with the arrow keys (or h-j-k-l). Each time you request a movement, the puppet will assess whether it is possible to move twice on that direction, also considering climbing on the walls. If a double move is possible, the puppet will make it, thus moving [Read More...]

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