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Trapped 5 – Online Puzzle Game


Trapped 5 is the latest sequel of the famous puzzle game called Trapped.

Object is to escape the maze once again. Press the a-key on blue buttons, in front of doors, and the ?-key on tiles. Full instructions can be read at the start of this puzzle game. Go to your menu and go to Options – you can change the music, room hints (which can be found on the map screen), and some other stuff. Be sure to check out the menu by pressing m-key during the game. Can you find both halves of the white key to open [Read More...]


Santa’s Chimney Trouble – Escape The Room


Sugar Free Games offers a Christmas themed Escape The Room (or should it be Escape The Chimney) Puzzle Game called Santa’s Chimney Trouble.

The story starts with Santa who is about to enter through the chimney and bring presents to the kids, but there’s one problem: no one actually uses the fireplace and it is not connected to the chimney. Your object is to build blocks to connect the chimney to the fireplace and don’t let Santa get out of the pipeline. To build a block, click on a free space in the game area, To [Read More...]


2007 Top 10 Puzzle Game Developers


At Free Games News you can vote for this year’s best Puzzle Game Developer. The top 10 list of games you can choose from were almost all being discussed here at Passion for Puzzles. The list of best puzzle games (developers) consist of: - Loose the Moose by Bart Bonte - Bloxorz by Damien Clarke - Game Pure - Stephen Harris (Bloons) - Yoshio Ishii (Hoshi Saga and Hoshi Saga 2) - Taro [Read More...]


Sola Rola – The Gravity Maze


Sola Rola (aka The Gravity Maze) is a cleverly done and nice Flash puzzle game.

The object of Sola Rola is to get both the red ball and the blue ball (Wiz and Waz) to their exits. Players rotate the entire maze board to get the balls to roll to their exits. The levels start out fairly simple, although they look difficult at the start, it’s easy to get the balls to their exits. As the levels progress they add switches to the mix and give them different colors. Green switches open green doors and red switches open red doors. [Read More...]


Click Maze 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Next to Flash Puzzle game Click Maze there is also a sequel. Of course this puzzle game is called Click Maze 2. But you can play Click Maze 2 without playing Click Maze 1 first. Instructions on how to play are embedded at the beginning of the game. Your objective in Click Maze 2 is to guide a small red ball to the big red ball without hitting any obstacles in the way. This requires sometimes some puzzling and defining a strategy how to pass all obstacles. If you hit the obstacles you lose a life, you have [Read More...]


Hour Maze Puzzles


About five months ago I already wrote about Number Maze, which has been renamed to Hour Maze which is much more logic as you will read later on.

Also you can now solve Hour Mazes online at the Hour Maze website. Hour Maze is a Sudoku-like maze puzzle that uses the number pattern from a clock face, one through twelve.

Players must link these numbers in either direction clockwise or counter clockwise through the maze to solve the puzzle according to the rules.


  1. Place any [Read More...]

World Animal Day – Kids Puzzles


To celebrate todays World Animal Day on the 4th of October a link to the World Animal Day website where you can find a lot puzzles for children of all ages in their special Kids Zone.

Different kind of puzzles are sorted in level three levels. You can solve puzzles like mazes, word search puzzles, animal anagrams and much more. Happy Puzzling! (and don’t forget to Do Something Special Today for the Animals in your Life!

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