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Calculation Mazes – Lucky Seven


In this calculation maze the aim is to start at the top left corner, and find the shortest route to the bottom right corner ending up with a total of 7.

At each step you obey the instruction in the box. For example, if you take four steps right from the starting position you get the successive totals -1, 0, -1, and +4. If you then take four steps down you get the successive totals +3, +4, +3, and +6. So unfortunately that route doesn’t reach the goal with the correct total of 7.


Chess Mazes – Chameleon


Start from the knight in the top left corner, and find the shortest route to the bottom right corner by jumping between chess pieces.

Each piece you land on determines where you can move next. As in chess, from a bishop you can move diagonally, and from a castle you can move horizontally or vertically. From a knight you can jump in an L-shaped knight’s move, and only the knight can jump over other pieces.

The pawn is special – it mimics the last piece you were on. So†when you land on a pawn, the pawn behaves in the same [Read More...]


Arrow Mazes – Two Step


Start at the blue arrow in the top left-hand corner, and follow the arrows to find the shortest route to the target in the bottom right-hand corner. From each arrow you can move to one of the arrows it’s pointing to, in the same row, column, or diagonal.

But in this maze there’s an additional restriction: You must take two blue arrows, followed by two red arrows, followed again by two blue arrows, and so on until you reach the target. Solution

Click here to display the solution to the Two Step maze after a five-minute delay:

Show solution.


Link Mazes – Ampersand (medium)


Start on the cube in the top left corner, and find the shortest route to the cube in the bottom right corner, by making a series of horizontal or vertical jumps between two cubes that have a colour in common.

However, in this maze there’s an additional restriction: you may not make a U-turn by jumping straight back in the direction you’ve just come from.

Here’s an example. From the starting cube you can jump down to either of the cubes below it. However, from the cube in the middle of the leftmost column you are not then allowed to [Read More...]


Cast Duet Puzzle

Cast Duet Puzzle

Iíve had a revelation this week that I wanted to share it with you. Iíve come to terms with being utterly confused while solving a puzzle and Iíve learned that it is ok to dwell there for a while. I say for a while because entering a state of insanity is acceptable for the creative process involved in problem solving but it isnít preferred when you are checking out of your local grocery store and the cashier asks if you are ok. She asked if I was ok because I was rolling my eyes and twirling my hands like an [Read More...]


Two Keys Puzzle

Two Keys Puzzle

Hello puzzlers!!! Back for extreme close ups and bad jokes I see. Well I canít really see youÖ. Or can I. Iím looking at you one eyed purple people eater. As you can tell, I carefully plan my intros. So, the puzzle hidden behind door number three is called Two Keys by Jean Claude Constantin. In a nutshell, this puzzle is what happens when a laser gun asks an innocent piece of wood for all its money and the wood refusesÖ. Ok ok what I mean is that the wood is laser cut to form the two mazes found on [Read More...]


Switchblade – Hard


This is a harder version of the jumping mazes (see Jumping Mazes). Start on the 3 in the top left corner, and jump three squares horizontally or vertically to a new square. The number on that square then gives you the size of the next jump, and so on.

Continue making horizontal or vertical jumps until you reach a circle, when you should switch to moving diagonally. Continue moving diagonally until you reach another circle, in which case revert to moving horizontally or vertically, and so on.

Find your way to the bottom right corner in the smallest number [Read More...]

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