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Cast Flag – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle


I can’t imagine anyone who likes a puzzle or challenge of any kind not being impressed with this brainteaser. Being cast metal, it is heavy, strong, fun to hold and an impressive puzzle in all respects. It has a difficulty of 5 out of 10; so should be solvable by anyone who likes puzzles and has a little patience. To take it apart is one challenge, and another challenge to put it together again. The design and movement of the three pieces is tantalizing. It appears to be quite simple; therefore it is not intimidating when first seeing it. That is [Read More...]


Cast Key – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle


Cast Key is another classic puzzle that has been around for over 100 years. It has been sold by many different manufacturers; and its longevity attests to its popularity. At first glance, it looks impossible to separate the two keys. There is one “key” to solving the puzzle, and once this is found a few more steps come quite easily.

It’s well made of cast metal, and will last and entertain for a long time. It is not intimidating, and once one person solves it, others will want to “give it a try”. It is medium in difficulty. Recommending [Read More...]


Como Brain Teasing Intelligent Toy Metal Wire Puzzles Games


This little puzzle has been a mainstay for years. Sold separately, as this one is, or in a set of several puzzles. A starter puzzle, if there ever was one. It has been made by many manufacturers, of varying quality, and given several names; a common one being “claws”. This particular one is made of heavy steel and will not be bent or broken without using major force. It won’t take anyone long to solve it; even blindfolded.

You can purchase this puzzle on Amazon


Cast Puzzle – ABC


Cast ABC is a classic puzzle that has been around for years. I am not sure when it first appeared; but it would not surprise me if it is over 100 years old. I first came across it many years ago and still find it fun to solve myself or give to others. It is usually found in books of puzzles that have been around a long time. It has been sold by many companies. The other reviewer claims it to be a difficulty 1.I have seen it given difficulties of 3 and even 7.It is what I [Read More...]


Cast Box

cast box

The Cast Box is a real hands on mechanical puzzle, dealing with a square or cube and a circle or ring. As with any of the 60 (to date) puzzles by Hanayama; they are beautifully constructed of heavy metal and will provide many years of challenge and enjoyment. This one, has been given a difficulty of 2* out of 6*;but I would rate it a 3* or 4*.It is also a puzzle that, even once you have solved it, you can put it away for a while, then get it out, and it is still a challenge to solve [Read More...]


Hanayama Cast Ring II Metal Puzzle


Cast Ring Puzzles are puzzles that will try your patience. There are many of them, but in some ways they are all the same. Essentially, they are a ring to be worn on the finger that consists of several separate rings that disassemble and one must put or “weave back together. Generally, they are small so that when assembled can be worn on one’s finger. They can come with several separate rings; and obviously the more rings, the more complicated and difficult. This particular one, has only 5 rings; but really different in that one center ring is fixed [Read More...]


Cast Cricket – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle


Some of these Cast Cricket puzzles can be very difficult. They often have a “move” that is the key to solving them. However; once you know the “secret” many are very simple. When you don’t find the secret, you tend to repeat the same thing over and over, without solving the puzzle. I don’t know whether it was pure luck or what; but I took this one apart in less than a minute. If you are looking for a “beginner puzzle” this would be a good choice. It is made of cast metal; but is not as strong [Read More...]

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