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Shoe to Wave Tessellations


I was fascinated to see this tessellation masterpiece of Oscar’s. It is a nature themed artwork and it clearly displays his brilliant ingenuity and talent. I find this tessellation artwork of Oscar’s fascinating because of the gradual transformation of waves into shoes and vice versa. Oscar has created this twist with his tessellation in order to stupefy the spectator.

About the Shoe to Wave Tessellations

This illustration exhibits the expertise of Oscar in photo manipulation and character design. I have learned that this illustration has been included in many talent displays and art galleries. Moreover, Oscar has created this tessellation [Read More...]


Hello My Name is Adnan Optical Illusion


When I had my first quick look at this picture, I thought that there was nothing special about it. I was curious what the optical illusion was, so I gazed at it longer and was surprised to see it moving closer to me as I winked my eyes. The words are zooming out and I was absolutely flabbergasted.

About Hello My Name is Adnan Optical Illusion

This optical illusion by Adnan looks simple but it can surprise anyone.  For every blink of the eye, the words zoom out. I have learned that moving illusions are static pictures where you can [Read More...]


Crossview Helicosphaera Radiolaria Polycystina


In order to view this stereograph, I used the “Crossview” technique (this means unfocusing your eyes while looking at the object).  In order to observe the screen comfortably, I did this at a distance of about 50 – 60 cm away. As a first timer, I found it weird.  When I do it correctly it makes me a bit dizzy. Over all, it is worth trying because the results are truly amazing! You will know you are successful when you see a third image identical to the first two. Good luck.

About the Crossview Helicosphaera Radiolaria Polycystina

I have learned [Read More...]


BrainStrains: Power Puzzles: 240 Mind-Blowing Challenges


Just like they say for a Wedding; “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue” this book has a bit of everything. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, the important ingredient in solving these puzzles is being able to think particularly outside the box. BrainStrains: Power Puzzles: 240 Mind-Blowing Challenges are for all ages and anyone who picks up this book will find something to take their interest and quite easily solve. Answers are provided and if you get stuck on a problem, just look up the answer. Once [Read More...]


3D Sketch of Poking Out Pencils


I was stunned when I saw this drawing. I wasn’t sure if the pencils were really poking out of the page or not. The shading is excellent – it appears very 3 dimensional. I wonder if I could also learn how to draw like this. Alexander’s sketch has taken the 3D drawing to the next level. It made me curious to know the techniques he used to make the pencils jump off the page.

About the 3D Sketch of Poking Out Pencils

There is no doubt that 3D sketch art is getting popular. This is a kind of drawing that [Read More...]


Masters of Deception: Escher, Dalí & the Artists of Optical Illusion


Boy! Al Seckel and Sterling Publishing have really produced a first class book here. Masters of Deception: Escher, Dalí & the Artists of Optical Illusion is an oversized book which introduces us to 20 artists who have created some of the most startling art imaginable. Although several of the artists are often seen in books on optical illusions, we now see many more and many for the first time for me. It’s hard to pick a favorite and really there’s no reason to but I was [Read More...]


Statue of Liberty Seashells Mosaic

Statue of Liberty Mosaic

I was totally mesmerized upon seeing the mosaic of the Statue of Liberty and was amazed to find out that it is made of different kinds of seashells. I can see that Ken really has a great eye for details and his beautiful masterpiece is definitely worth sharing. This artwork of Kens even inspires me to try making my own mosaic with seashells.

About the Statue of Liberty Seashells Mosaic

Because of Ken’s masterpiece, I now consider myself a fan of seashell mosaic artwork. The shaded parts of the image stick out to me. I can see the passion, hard [Read More...]

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