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Pumpkin Remover – Block Removal Puzzle Game


Pumpkin Remover is an online block removal puzzle game and a Red Remover spin-off in Halloween style.

Object of Pumpkin Remover is to remove all rotten pumpkins and leave the fresh pumpkins on the game grid. Happy Puzzling!



Puru Puru 2 – Physics Based Puzzle Game


Puru Puru 2 is the sequel to physics puzzle game Puru Puru

Object is to destroy blocks and draw lines with your limited ink to guide the gelatinous creatures to the teleporter.

Don’t forget to collect the coins along the way in thirty puzzling levels. Happy Puzzling!



Air Transporter – Physics Based Puzzle Game


Air Transporter is nice online physics based puzzle game by LudoBox in which you have to transport objects with a high-power helicopter.

Object is to control a helicopter, handling all sorts of cargo as you go from one level to another. Build towers, quench (or start) fires, battle against tanks at wartime, and much more in in 18 puzzling levels.

The first levels feature a detailed tutorial. Happy Puzzling!



Fragger Lost City – Online Puzzle Game


Fragger is back and not with extra Fragger Bonus Blast levels, but with sequel Fragger Lost City.

Object in this physics based puzzle game stays the same. Set the power and aim with the mouse then click to throw the grenades and blow up your targets. There are 30 puzzling levels for you to solve.

Check out Fragger for iPhone. Happy Puzzling!



IncrediBots 2 – Online Physics Puzzle Game


IncrediBots is back with the sequel IncrediBots 2 and you can build more custom robots in this lovely physics based puzzle game.

Design your robot by drawing shapes, joints, motors, and more! Then, pilot your machine using your own custom key bindings. How will your robot fare in the hurdles challenge? Or archery? Or off-road? And if you’re not the competitive type, you can record custom movies using ‘Sandbox Mode’ to share with the world.

Use the editor to tell animated stories, create Rube Goldberg machines, or just experiment and have fun with physics. The sky’s [Read More...]


Totem Destroyer 2 – Physics Puzzle Game


Totem Destroyer 2 is sequel to online physics based puzzle game adventure Totem Destroyer.

Your mission in Totem Destroyer 2 is to destroy the totems with a bomb without letting the Golden Idol (a.k.a. Tot) fall into the ground.

Use balance to keep Tot up in all 100 challenging levels. Happy Puzzling!



Dynamite Blast – Physics Puzzle Game


Dynamite Blast is another physics based online puzzle game.

Object is to cause vehicles to fall below the yellow line by making structures collapse with your limited explosives. In some levels, you must blast objects to allow a vehicle to reach a flag.

There are 30 puzzling levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!


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