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Buzzle – Physics Based Online Puzzle Game


Buzzle is an addictive online physics based puzzle game.

Object is to move Tetris shapes puzzle blocks with your mouse into the right positions and don’t forget the laws of physics . Solve thirty puzzles by placing the colored parts in a box in accordance with a gray silhouette (looks like a combination between Tangram and Tetris). Happy Puzzling!

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Gravity Master – Physics Based Online Puzzle Game


Gravity Master is an addictive physics based puzzle game by Astro75.

Object is to collect all rotating circles with the black ball. You can move the black ball by drawing shapes with your mouse and using physics. The ways of completing a level is only limited by your puzzle skills, imagination and line limit. Happy Puzzling!



Slicerix – Online Puzzle Game


Slicerix is a tricky physics based online puzzle game by Bubblebox.com.

Slice objects to make same-colored objects collide. The minimalist visuals and simple game play are only a disguise for the complex puzzle solving. Can you crack all 25 levels. If you are stuck there is a Slicerix Walkthrough available. Happy Puzzling!



GemGrab – Online Puzzle Game


GemGrab is yet another physics based puzzle game with Gems coming from the same developer of Perfect Balance, Perfect Balance 2 and Perfect Balance : New Trails.

Object is to collect all thirty gems to your treasure in this original physics puzzle. Use mouse to move the gems and all other objects. Click down on any object and hold the mouse to drag it, [Read More...]


Take It Down – Online Puzzle Game


Take It Down is yet another physics based demolition puzzle game by Funky Physics.com.

Object is to take buildings down and demolish old derelict buildings without damaging nearby structures. To play take it down use the mouse to remove building blocks from the old housing structures. Happy Puzzling!

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Let It Glow – Online Puzzle Game


Let It Glow is the latest online physics based puzzle game by King.com.

Object of Let It Glow is to connect two energy sources and light the bulb by removing other objects in the right order.

Can you solve all 20 levels with your logic? Happy Puzzling!



Screw The Nut – Physic Based Logic Puzzle Game


Screw The Nut is a nice but easy physic based logic puzzle game by Garbuz Games dot com.

Object is to screw the nut by rolling it to the bolt. Use your logic the make the screw to reach the bolt by removing several objects and pure physics.

There are 25 challenging levels for you to solve. Happy Puzzling!


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