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Color Cleaner – Physics Puzzler


Color Cleaner is a lovely combination between a physics puzzler and a block removal game.

Object of Color Cleaner is to remove all of the colored blocks from the game grid with a limited number of clicks available. Same-colored blocks that are touching each other can be removed with a single click.

There are 30 levels of puzzle physics fun, can you beat every level? Happy Puzzling!



Gravi – Gravity Block Puzzle Game


Gravi is a simple looking but sometimes difficult sliding puzzle game with gravity as physics effect.

Object of Gravi is to reach a particular position with a particular block or more blocks as you can see when you press the goal button.

You can move a block and place it somewhere else but, after each move, every block must be fully supported by blocks below or the bottom.

There are 11 puzzles for you to solve, can you solve each puzzle in the minimum number of steps possible? Happy Puzzling!



Gravity Boy – Platform Puzzler in Shift Style


Gravity Boy is yet another physics platform puzzler in Shift style and this time in color.

Object is to manipulate gravity in this platform puzzler Gravity Boy, collect all 175 starts while you move Gravity Boy in each level to the exit. Happy Puzzling!



Wind Master -Maze Puzzle Game


Wind Master is an addictive maze kind of puzzle game in which wind (the physics aspect) is your friend with moving walls and changing wind directions.

Object of Wind Master is to rotate the yellow arrows to set the correct direction to the ball and to get the ball to the exit (black hole/circle).

Watch out for the blue arrows as they will send the ball in the wrong direction and the red walls as this will make you start from the beginning and will cost you one life.

Can you blow the ball [Read More...]


Happy Click – Physics Puzzler


Happy Click is a funny online physics based puzzle game.

Object of Happy Click is to make the cute flower cups safe by clicking on the colored bricks and not let the the flower cups fall on the ground. Only one brick will be remained for holding the flower cup and prevent it from falling on the ground.

The flower cup should be finally on the last brick. You will lose if you let the flower cup falls down on the ground. Happy Puzzling!



Energy Physics – Online Puzzle Game


Energy Physics is an electrifying physics based online puzzle game by MoFunZone.

Object of Energy Physics is electrocute the guys wearing sunglasses and rescue your friends in each of the 40 challenging levels.

Use all objects to make an electrical connecting or to save your friends. Happy Puzzling!



Ragdoll Spree 2 – Physics Game


Ragdoll Spree 2 is yet another online physics game in the ever growing Ragdoll series.

Object of Ragdoll Spree 2 is to launch ragdolls and popping balloons. Pop all of the balloons as quickly as you can and with as few shots as possible.

This physics game comes with 30 level. Happy Puzzling!


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