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Play Magnets – Physics Puzzle Game


Play Magnets is a nice physics based puzzle game by Zedarus Games.

Object in Play Magnets is to lead blue or red particles from Spawn Boxes to Receive Boxes. Place magnets to direct the particles and make use or avoid Lego look-a-like objects. Then hit “start” to see what happens.

There are 28 levels to solve and the game includes hints and a walkthrough in case needed. Happy Puzzling!



Civiballs 2 – Online Physics Puzzle Game


Civiballs 2 is the sequel to easy but brain teasing physics puzzle game Civiballs.

Object is to interact with the environment to get the balls to the correct place. Choose your country of civilization (Rome, Inca or Vikings) to play and solve the puzzles by cutting the chains and other helpful objects provided. If you get stuck, you can just try another civilization. Happy Puzzling!



MagnetiZR – Online Puzzle Game


MagnetiZR is a game where you distort magnetic physics and control the fields action.

It’s up to you to create magnetic distortions with the various magnets at your disposal, and ultimately connect the ink with the “Win” magnet(s). Happy Puzzling!



Stackle – Online Puzzle Game


Stackle is a physics based puzzle game and a nice combination of Tetris and Jenga.

Grab blocks from the tower and stack them on the top but don’t let it topple. Game instructions are easy, stack blocks on top of the tower by clicking on the block you want to move. Happy Puzzling!

PS. Due to our yearly holiday period we will only post blog entries once a day for a few weeks till we are back again with renewed passion for puzzles.

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Ragdoll Remake – Online Puzzle Game


Ragdoll Cannon is back, this time with a bunch of new levels of the funny physics engine skill puzzle game Ragdoll Remake.

Shoot the ragdoll guy from the cannon. Hit the target to go to the next level. Try to make as little shots as possible. There are 25 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!



Splitter 2 – Online Puzzle Game


After Splitter it’s now time for puzzle game Splitter 2.

Also this time you have to help the smiley guy reach the exit in each level (of 32 levels in total) by splitting some wood in this physics based puzzle game. Happy Puzzling!



Magnetic Impulse – Online Puzzle Game


Magnetic Impulse is a logic physics based puzzle game with magnetic effects.

Get the ball to the exits in the sweet little physics puzzle game ‘Magnetic Impulse’. Use the mouse to drag and drop various blocks to redirect the ball. Happy Puzzling!


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