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Hungry Shapes – Online Puzzle Game


Hungry Shapes is yet another original physics based online puzzle game.

Object of Hungry Shapes is to feed the ‘Hungry Shapes’ in this funny puzzle game. Drop all different shapes in each of the 30 levels and remove all the food.

Depending on the color of the shapes they are hungry or not hungry. Happy Puzzling!



Max Damage – Online Puzzle Game


Max Damage is the latest physics based puzzle game by Armor Games.

Object is to shoot cannonballs at stacks of fridges, tv’s, and microwaves to cause maximum damage. Bash, bounce, explode, and burn your way through 49 challenging levels.

Aim with the mouse, and click to shoot. Position the mouse further from the cannon to increase shot power. Aim strategically and for higher value targets. Happy Puzzling!



Sleepy – Online Puzzle Game


Sleepy is yet another block removing kind of physics based puzzle game, this time by FastGames.

Object is to remove all the sleepy blocks in this online puzzle game, without waking up others. Happy Puzzling!

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PuruPuru – Physics Puzzle Game


PuruPuru is a physics based game by King.com

If you liked Red Remover you will probably also like PuruPuru as the concept is the same. Object is to guide the PuruPuru’s to the exit by removing boxes in the right order. Happy Puzzling!



Mini Train – Online Puzzle Game


Mini Train is a nice physics based puzzle game for kids.

Object of Mini Train is to close the gaps with the given Tangram look-a-like shapes in order to pave the way for the train. There are 24 levels to solve. Happy Puzzlings!



Disk Field – Online Puzzle Game


Disk Field is an original online physics based puzzle game with lot’s of vector fields.

Object is to guide your disk into the red hole. Use the vector fields to reach the target and try to avoid the vector fields which move you away from the target. Happy Puzzling!



Saunavihta – Physics Puzzle Game


Saunavihta Saunavihta is an original physics based puzzle game.

Your mission is straightforward. A frothing geyser of black vapor lies somewhere in every level, and itís up to you to send the shivering little protagonist tumbling into the miasma. Remove white shapes to get to the geyser in this physics puzzler. Keep away from deadly snowplows and snowflakes. Happy Puzzling!


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