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Redstar Fall Pro – Online Puzzle Game


Redstar Fall Pro | Armor Games is a physics based block removal puzzle game by ArmorGames.

After the original puzzle game Redstar Fall there is now finally Redstar Fall Pro. This version has 20 harder levels than the first version. Your goal is to put red star on a platform as fast and as less clicks as you can. But be careful, don’t let the Redstar fall down from the platform.

Use your left mouse click to remove shapes, use ‘space bar’ or ‘r’ key to restart level. For now this is [Read More...]


IncrediBots – Online Robot Physics Game


Build custom robots in your browser with a robots physics puzzle game IncrediBots.

Design your robot by drawing shapes, joints, motors, and more! Then, pilot your machine using your own custom key bindings. How will your robot fare in the hurdles challenge? Or archery? Or off-road? And if you’re not the competitive type, you can record custom movies using ‘Sandbox Mode’ to share with the world.

Use the editor to tell animated stories, create Rube Goldberg machines, or just experiment and have fun with physics. The sky’s the limit with IncrediBots. Check out the [Read More...]


Civiballs – Online Puzzle Game


Civiballs is an easy but brain teasing physics puzzle game by King.com.

Object is to interact with the environment to get the balls to the correct place. Choose your country of civilization (Greece, Egypt or China) to play and solve the puzzles by cutting the chains. If you get stuck, you can just try another civilization. Happy Puzzling!



Cubic Disturbance – Online Puzzle Game


Cubic Disturbance is a challenging physics engine based online Flash puzzle game.

Your goal is to push the special block down by using as few bombs as possible. You can set every bomb that you use to go off at a specific time to your own advantage. You can place a bomb by clicking anywhere on the screen, you can then move it around using your mouse cursor and remove if you don’t wish to use it anymore. Happy Puzzling!



Perfect Balance – Online Puzzle Game


Perfect Balance is a new great physics based puzzle game by Kongregate.

Object is to try to achieve perfect balance by rotating and stacking Tetris like shapes. There are 80 levels to solve. [via Microsiervos] Happy Puzzling!

Update : don’t forget to play Perfect Balance 2 and Perfect Balance : New Trails

Update 2 : Check out Perfect Balance 3



Brick Yard – Online Puzzle Game


Brick Yard should be called Brick Stacker 2 as it is the sequel to the original puzzle game Brick Stacker.

In this version you can choose from five game modes to play: same 80, random, rain, time and wacky. The infinite blocks mode has been removed in this version as this is a physics simulation.

Game play is easy, you can use the mouse to place the brick anywhere or the keys A and D rotate the brick, W and S scroll the screen. Press ESC to return to the main menu, R restarts, P makes the [Read More...]


Splitter – Physics Puzzle Game


Splitter is a great physics-based online puzzle game.

Object is to cause the smiley to roll, fling, or bounce onto the bronze-colored circle. You can score points by passing over the star on your way. Move the smiley by using a knife that can cut through certain objects that make up each level. Wooden pieces and string-like connectors can be cut, brick and metal objects can not be cut.

Splitter compounds the challenge by limiting you to a certain number of cuts per level. While you’ll likely breeze through the first several levels, you will eventually encounter some tricky scenarios [Read More...]

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