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Launchball – Online Puzzle Game


Launchball is a new physics-based puzzle game designed for the Science Museum in London. Launchball is a fabulously produced take on the ‘guide something to the goal’ family of physics games.

For each of the thirty levels, you are given a limited set of movable blocks. The existing blocks on the level are immobile. Drag and drop blocks from your inventory at the bottom of the screen onto the level to place them. Besides the standard ramps and springs, there are many different types of blocks available to solve the puzzle of each level. There [Read More...]


Factory Balls – Online Puzzle Game


Via Smart-kit.com I found another Flash Puzzle Game by Bart Bonte (from Belgium) called Factory Balls.

Object is to drag and drop a ball from the tumbler, over the tools in the right order to produce the physics of the ball as shown in the brown box. Each level different tools are available, like different colors of paint, a pump, airbrush etc. If you mess up you can drop a ball in the recycle bin, but be careful, you have only 17 balls to complete all 14 levels.

Factory Balls is a fun [Read More...]


Ramps – Online Puzzle Game


Ramps is the first flash puzzle game of Tyler Sticka and started for as an exercise in dynamic, ActionScript-driven Flash physics. And as a first puzzle game it’s already very addictive and this promises only good things for upcoming puzzle games by Tyler.

Object is to click, drag and rotate the ramps to construct a pathway to safely guide the spheres into the goal. You can click on the dispenser (green arrow at top) to release a sphere. Clicking the trashcan will reset ramps and spheres. You can score points on the amount of spheres lost (less [Read More...]


Lunch Time – Rube Goldberg Machine


At Su.doku.es they wrote an article about an online Rube Goldberg Puzzle called Lunch Time. Rube is famous for his special designed machines and therefor they are also known as Rube Goldberg Machines.

A Rube Goldberg machine or device is any exceedingly complex apparatus that performs a very simple task in a very indirect and convoluted way. Rube devised such pataphysical devices. The best examples of his machines have an anticipation factor: the fact that something so wacky is happening can only be topped by it happening in a suspenseful manner.


Explode! – Mobile Puzzle Game


If the sign of an innovative game is that it all makes sense when you play it, Explode! could well be something really different. Because to be quite honest, we’re not quite sure from the press release and screen shots how it works at all.

That’s the problem with new ideas, of course. Cynics say stuff like, “A bulb of light, Mr Edison? Who in the world needs that when they can simply light a candle?” And indeed, until we play Explode! we won’t know if it’s the best new thing since 7 Wonders, or the worst thing since the [Read More...]


RoboBlitz on Xbox Live Arcade


RoboBlitz has popped up on Xbox Live Arcade, offering you 19 levels of physics-based puzzle-solving and a bit of action in the latest Unreal Engine.

It costs 1200 Microsoft points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 13.96 / US$ 18.50), making it the joint most expensive Live Arcade game there is, but there’s a demo version at least so you can help make your mind up. It all weighs in at 49.32MB.

A quick first impression? Well, you roll around your factory home trying to set up the local space cannon to wipe out some pesky space pirates, and it looks very [Read More...]

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