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Hambo – Physics Based Puzzle Game


Hambo is another addictive physics based puzzle game by Not Doppler.

Object of Hambo is to shoot arrows, throw explosives and use other weapons to kill the enemy pigs in each level. Try to earn a gold medal in all 36 levels.

You can also create your own puzzling levels with the build-in level editor. Happy Puzzling!



Swift Turn – Physics Puzzle Game


Swift Turn is an addictive physics based puzzle game in Shift style.

Object of Shift Turn is to collect all gold stars and get to the checkered tile to complete each level. Avoid spikes and booby-traps and, whatever you do, don’t fall. Can you solve all 18 levels? Happy Puzzling!



Alphabet Shoot 2 – Physics Puzzler


Alphabet Shoot 2 is the second version of this fun physic puzzler by SillyJelly.com

Object is to shoot the alphabet letters to the corresponding letter blocks by using the A, S, D, and F keys on your keyboard.

Aim wisely using your mouse. You only have a few shots for each level. There are three difficulty levels (easy, medium and hard) and for each difficulty levels there are 10 puzzling levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!



JetBus – Physics Puzzle Game


JetBus is a funny retro-styled physics puzzler game in which you drive a JetBus, a fast, high maneuverable, light vehicle capable of flying.

Object is to transport people between the platforms as they go their way around the city.

There are three difficulty levels (easy, normal and hard) and for each difficulty levels there are 15 levels to play. Happy Puzzling!



Roly-Poly Cannon – Physics Puzzler


Roly-Poly Cannon is an addictive and fun physics puzzler.

Object of Roly-Poly Cannon is to eliminate all the Roly-Poly’s in each of the 25 levels.

Use your mouse to aim. Move the mouse further away from the cannon to increase the power. Left click to fire. Happy Puzzling!



Magnx – Physics Puzzler


Magnx is online physics puzzler all about magnetic power.

Object of Magnx is to connect magnetic objects to get smiley to the target zone. You can do this by clicking on an object, to switch the magnet on or off.

Do this in the correct order to solve all twenty levels. Happy Puzzling!



Cut And Shine – Physics Puzzler


Cut And Shine is a funny physics puzzle game in which you will need to apply your logic and puzzle skills.

Object of Cut And Shine is to help a Sunflower to find the way out of dead block condition. You have only one tool to use a saw, which let you saw everything what is supposed to be sawed. But except of the saw you will need to apply your logic and sharpness to cope with the task.

Can you solve all thirty levels? Happy Puzzling!


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