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Sixth Sense Huge

Sixth Sense Huge is a huge version of the Sixth Sense puzzle ring, meant as big demo model. This six-part puzzle ring is a design by Bram Cohen, and developed by Oskar van Deventer. It is a “size 190″, with an inner diameter of 60 mm and an outer diameter of nearly 90 mm. This big puzzle ring version will surely bring more delight and fun for you. You will better see how well this puzzle toy works and this is the purpose of Oskar for making a big model.

Sixth sense has a total of six rings and it [Read More...]


The Entangled Pins Challenge Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle


The Entangled Pins Challenge Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle is an excellent puzzle that has been around for many years. It is often sold as one of a set of several puzzles. It is also often made of a much lighter wire and for that reason can be properly called a wire puzzle. This one is identical except for being made with a heavy, 1/4 inch wire or rod, putting it in the class of a tavern or cast metal puzzle. It is high quality and appears to be stainless steel. [Read More...]


Cross Cube

Cross Cube is yet another interesting puzzle cube that certified puzzle lovers will surely love to play. There could be millions of combinations and changes. This puzzle toy has added benefits like enriching your eyes and brain. More so, this puzzle toy can give ultimate challenges to professional puzzlers. Just let your creativity flow and see how far your imagination can go in creating unique shapes. Playing with this toy can help enhance your mental skills. This puzzle cube will never fail to delight and amuse puzzle aficionados.

This puzzle cube can be so enjoyable and addicting to play. Playing [Read More...]


Screw the Nut

Screw the Nut 3

Screw the Nut is a game that will let you realize how difficult it is to screw the nut.  Try to roll it to the bolt and you’ll find out! The player needs to move the nut to the bolt by clicking on the elements and making them disappear. This is an unlocking game that will test your puzzle solving skills. There are different tasks to complete each level. The player can monitor the time it takes for him to finish his current level. The player can always restart the level.

The player can only [Read More...]


Shoe to Wave Tessellations


I was fascinated to see this tessellation masterpiece of Oscar’s. It is a nature themed artwork and it clearly displays his brilliant ingenuity and talent. I find this tessellation artwork of Oscar’s fascinating because of the gradual transformation of waves into shoes and vice versa. Oscar has created this twist with his tessellation in order to stupefy the spectator.

About the Shoe to Wave Tessellations

This illustration exhibits the expertise of Oscar in photo manipulation and character design. I have learned that this illustration has been included in many talent displays and art galleries. Moreover, Oscar has created this tessellation [Read More...]


Hexagon Unlim by FMC Studio


This is a fun and challenging puzzle game that uses a great combination of logical and pictorial imagery to stretch your brain to the limits. If you enjoy some good old brain training but find you are a visual person, this digital download is perfect for your collection. You begin with a series of colored grids in each new game, and the final goal is to create a tree with branches in essence to complete the puzzle. Each of the parts of the tree must be connected which may seem generally simple but as the grids increase in complexity you [Read More...]


Another Dimension


I have been a fan of these 3D Illusions for several years. I recently came across Another Dimension and even though it was published back in 1994, it is as good as any I’ve seen. If you like these images, this book is sure to please you. You can purchase this book at Amazon.

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