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Tidbit Word Puzzles – Puzzle Book


Tidbit Puzzles is a fast, fun, original word puzzle book by Susan Shelley.

The puzzles are divided into shaded and white sections. The tidbit for each section will be part of every correct answer in that section. The tidbit may be at the start, in the middle or at the end of the word, but the letters will always be together and in the same order.

Tidbits Puzzles Book is available from Amazon or the Tidbits website. Happy Puzzling!



The Big Book of Brain Games – Puzzle Book


About the original “The Big Book of Brain Games – 1000 PlayThinks” Will Shortz of “The New York Times” said it best: “The most wide-ranging, visually appealing, entertaining, gigantic collection of brainteasers since Sam Loyd’s “Cyclopedia of Puzzles” almost a century ago.”

Inside “The Big Book of Brain Games,” you will find an obsessive collection of 1,000 challenges, puzzles, riddles, illusions— originals as well as must-do classics— it’ s like salted peanuts for the brain. With jampacked pages and a full-color illustration for each entry, the book, opened anywhere, [Read More...]


Complete Origami Book


Complete Origami is a richly illustrated and practical guide to the ancient paper-folding art.

Although the art of origami has been treasured through the centuries, the repertoire of folds has exploded in the last 40 years. Complete Origami provides an ideal introduction for novices, and it also includes original, more challenging techniques for experts. Using this book, the origami enthusiast’s skills will grow as they progress from one project to the next.

This comprehensive guide covers the history of origami, from the invention of paper to the cutting-edge influence of mathematics, a discussion of paper types and clear explanations [Read More...]


Art of the Cube – Rubikscubism


A few years ago I already wrote about Rubik’s Cube Art. Now there is a new puzzle book called the Art of the Cube and is all about making Art with the Rubik’s Cube (a.k.a. Rubikscubism).

Legally blind and dying from lung cancer, Fred Holly still received great enjoyment developing algorithms to create unique, artistic designs with 64 Rubik’s Cubes. This 24-page, full-color puzzle booklet includes all known designs. Collecting and restoring the 20-year old photos. Happy Puzzling!

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25 Foot Long Picture Maze


The 25-Foot-Long Picture Maze (approx. 7,62 meter) puzzle book is now for Sale at Puzzle Master Inc.

To get the whole picture, you need to complete the entire 25 foot long maze. And that is not easy because with this astonishing, incredibly detailed long puzzle. While solving it, you’ll:- Sharpen numerous pencils- Put your maze skills to the utmost test- Lose track of time

The reward after solving is a bustling streetscape filled with buildings vehicles, people and animals. And of course, you’ll get the satisfaction that can only come from finishing the world’s [Read More...]


Black Belt Sudoku – Puzzle Book


Sudoku’s everywhere these days, and winning millions of converts worldwide. And why not? It’s irresistibly good brainteasing entertainment, the rules are simple (even when the particular game isn’t), and it requires no math skills…just logic.

Sterling has a book for everyone eager to get in on the game, no matter what level. There are puzzle collections to keep Sudoku lovers occupied for hours, guides to strategy for the perplexed, series that take solvers from novice to expert, and compilations packaged in fun shapes.

Black Belt Sudoku (Martial Arts Sudoku) is available from Amazon.com. [Read More...]


I Can KenKen by Will Shortz


A few months ago Will Shortz introduced KenKen math puzzles in th USA, now Will Shortz presents a KenKen puzzle book especially for kids (age 9-12) called “I Can KenKen! Puzzles for Having Fun with Math.

Not only are these KenKen puzzles fun but KenKen puzzles helps children improve concentration, logic and arithmetic skills. Children ages 9-12 have excelled in math and gained real-life problem solving skills all from playing a puzzle so engaging that it keeps them coming back for more. This first book of KenKen for Kids features: - 75 easy all addition puzzles [Read More...]

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