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Double Trouble

When making up rotational puzzles, it must be difficult to think up new ideas to basically the same shape.  Oskar van Deventer has made a rotational puzzle that might have the same shape but definitely does not move the same way.  To make it harder he has made two variations of the same kind of concept.  Once again Oskar`s designs are thought provoking and minding bending.

You can purchase Double Trouble at Shapeways or Here.

Thank you Oskar for allowing us to use your videos.  If you would like to see more of [Read More...]


Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 by GiggleUp Kids and Educational Games


This is the perfect addition to your digital games as GiggleUp Kids and Educational Games introduces their eagerly awaited sequel to the original best-selling puzzle game for your little learner. The game includes 53 everyday puzzles found in transport, with 8 different sceneries all created with beautiful, colorful graphics sure to keep your little one’s attention for hours.

Give your child an excellent opportunity to learn simple words in a multitude of languages including English, French, Spanish, Japanese and more. In addition your child will build logical thinking skills through fun and challenging puzzles. This game is excellent for your [Read More...]


Cast Delta

Cast Delta

Hanayama continues to strongly support their beloved flagship Cast Puzzles with the first one released for 2013, the Cast Delta. Designed by Hong Kong native Kyoo Wong, the Cast Delta is a symmetry beauty with its identical three pieces. The theme for the Delta is simply “number three”. The Cast Delta really stands out by its simple and yet elegant design. The construction looks to be brass, which personally is not my favorite metal, because of that characteristic smell that it leaves in your hands. It does has its advantages, though, due to its rugged texture it hardly gets scratched, unlike [Read More...]

Snake Walk: Puzzle App for iphone, ipad


Snake Walk is a topology type puzzle app game.  The object is to start at any square, then travel in a direction as far as possible and hopefully cover all the squares. Except for the red squares which act as blocking walls.

We’ve seen this type of puzzle app many times.  Probably the best version is Mortal Coil which offers over 400 advanced levels.

Snake Walk has 50 levels with ‘more coming soon.’  I’ve done them all. I like the puzzles. There’s a good range of easy, medium & hard puzzles.  But the mechanics are a bit clumsy.  I do [Read More...]


Where’s my Perry?


When it comes to puzzlers, Disney knows how to make them. Where’s my Perry is another physics based puzzle game from the developer after Where’s my Water. The player has to use water (in different forms, i.e. liquid, steam and ice) to solve very challenging puzzles. The game has spy themed graphics that are very vibrant, intuitive controls and lasers making it one of the best puzzle game with a spy theme.

The player is immersed in Agent P’s world. Agent P is a platypus (actually, he is a half aquatic sleuth) from Phineas and the game begins after [Read More...]


Jade Chopsticks

Jade Chopsticks

What happens when you put Ola JanssonOskar van Deventer and Uwe Meffert in a room? The Jade Chopsticks happen, a beautiful and different kind of Twisty puzzle. The final product is a combination of ideas, first the 1x2x5 designed by Ola, which was later followed by Oskar’s extreme version, the 1x2x13. The Chopsticks version is scaled down to 1x2x9 – and my guess here is to just make it more stable – and with Meffert’s magic touch in the final design, we see an elegant design without the need for stickers or any other special colors. Instead of stickers, the patterns featured on the puzzle [Read More...]

Fields: free puzzle app game for ipod touch, iphone, ipad Review


Fields is an interesting puzzle app from Kevin Langdon.  The object is to fill the field with different colored flowers. The blue flowers always occupy 2 squares. The red flowers take up 5 squares.  You get the idea.

Kevin says: This game is so addicting, you may never leave the toilet again.

Now just a darn minute Kevin. You’re going too far with that! Let it be known now and forever that I do not advocate anybody reading this blog, or play any games on the toilet. Just the thought makes me go EEEEwwwwwwww!

Let’s talk gameplay.  This is quite [Read More...]

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