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Cast Devil – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle


Cast Devil is an excellent puzzle. It has been made by many companies and is still one of the most common puzzles around. To be blunt, it is a classic. It has a difficulty of 4 out of 10.It is made of heavy metal, so it is almost impossible to break. It is a puzzle that most people could solve with a little perseverance. It is a puzzle that will get passed around when a few friends are socializing. It looks much simpler than it is, and since it doesn’t look intimidating, once one person solves it, someone else [Read More...]


Move the box by Otizito


This challenging new version of Move the Box by Otizito is one of the best games available for IPhone and Android on the market. While the game itself has very simple rules, the puzzles can be anything but. In fact, you may find yourself engrossed for hours on end as you attempt to make your way through each new challenge gaining in trickery as it goes.

You begin with a series of boxes on your screen and the goal is simple: move the boxes around to clear the dock as quickly as possible. The catch is that your number [Read More...]


E Box

E Box

Who do you immediately think of when you hear the term Coordinate-Motion? For me, it has to be Václav Obšivač (Vinco). It’s true, most of his designs use the same basic mechanism and solving technique, but who cares, right? His creations are among the best you can see from independent craftsmen. I only wish I had more… The latest addition to my collection is the E Box, a three-piece puzzle where the goal is to take it apart and reassemble it back to its original cubic form. Vinco always uses high-quality wood in his puzzles and this one [Read More...]

Sporos: puzzle app for iphone, ipad


Sporos is really good set of puzzles that are similar to the 8 Queens puzzle.  In the 8 Queens puzzle, you must place 8 Queens on the board so that every square is attacked and none of the Queens are attacking each other.

Sporos is similar.  You are given 2 or 3 ‘Sporos’ and must place them carefully. Some Sporos point in all directions. Others do not.

There are 300 ‘Essential labs’.  I’ve solved about 100 of them. They go pretty fast, Though some are hard.

I was ready to move on to the next puzzle app, when I [Read More...]


Twisted Gem

twisted gem

The Twisted Gem is similar to a Soma Cube, and has 3 X 3 X 3 or 27 cubes The cubes are connected together in 7 configurations. .This puzzle is like a Soma Cube that has been misshapen or twisted or skewed. Like the Soma Cube, there are 7 configurations consisting of 6 which have 4 blocks and 1 with 3 blocks; same as with Soma, but skewed. This Twisted Gem is exceptionally well made, using high grade wood and 3 attractive colors. The 8 metal posts are solely there to form a crib [Read More...]


Continuity 2: The Continuation by Ragtime Games LLC


Each level of this second installment to Continuity, the game board is drawn as sliding tiles. You must solve the puzzle by rearranging the sliding tiles to allow your character access to the next level. Each level increases in difficulty but it is challenging in a good way, meant to challenge your mind. The masterfully designed game-play will keep you busy for hours with simple but fresh graphics, a truly innovative puzzle game.

The original in this sequel, continuity won the Best Student Game award in 2012, and the series is considered to be one of the best platforms [Read More...]


LynzFree: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad


LynzFree comes from Matthew Little.

It is an edge-matching puzzle with funky colors.  There are 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.  In the beginner levels: trade the 9 tiles in a 3×3 grid.  In the intermediate level: same as beginner, but some tiles can also rotate.

Advanced levels: they’re not ready.

I’ve been doing edge-matching puzzles for many years.  It’s not something I actively seek out.  However, I do like these graphics. Right now I’ve done 2 of the beginner and 2 of the intermediate levels.

It’s a free puzzle app game. Kids will like this.


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