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Fastest Solve of Rubik’s World Champs 2013 – Feliks Zemdegs

Fastest Solve of Rubik’s World Champs 2013 – Feliks Zemdegs

In the video is the world record holder Feliks Zemdegs and his time of 5.882 seconds on the Rubik’s 3x3x3. That is quite an impressive time. I’m sure he must be able to slow down time to accomplish this. My hands don’t even move that fast, let alone my brain thinking that fast.

You can purchase a 3x3x3 rotational puzzle at Puzzle Master.

Thank you Kenneth for allowing us to use your videos. If you would like to see more of Kenneth’s videos, go to Kenneth’s Youtube Channel.

Copyright (c) 2013, Kenneth Brandon


Broken Sword: Director’s Cut by Revolution Software Ltd


This new addition to the loved story line of Broken Sword brings with it a new narrative and story line that makes this game worth every penny. Our heroine Nico Collard finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy when she is invited to interview statesman Pierre Carchon after a brutal murder in Paris.

You will soon find yourself sucked in to the dark, mysterious storyline as the two travel the world solving puzzles and battling a dark conspiracy surrounding the Knights Templar. The beautifully executed graphics will have you stunned as you travel with the characters to each [Read More...]


Pyraminx (For Speed Cubing)

Pyraminx 2

Meffert’s Pyraminx doesn’t need any introductions when it comes to successful Twisty Puzzles. Not everyone knows this, but the Pyraminx was actually the first ever Twisty puzzle to be invented, back in 1970, four years before the Rubik’s Cube. Over 40 years later, the puzzle is still going strong as the second best-selling puzzle in the world. I guess people still prefer cubes over pyramids…

With all this popularity, it’s not a surprise knowing that there are too many Pyraminx versions and variations that cannot simply be count by the fingers of your hands. My latest acquisition is [Read More...]


Penguin Plunge: puzzle app for iphone, ipad


Penguin Plunge: Stuck in Antarctica is exactly like Lunar Lockout from ThinkFun.

ThinkFun has been getting ripped off too many times. Too often, somebody comes out with a version of Rush Hour.

This is the second ripoff of Lunar Lockout.

Nob Yoshigahara was the creative force behind Lunar Lockout.  I recall sitting on the side during an International Puzzle Party in Tokyo and he was performing a magic trick. He told me that it was ‘so simple’. But I don’t think anybody could figure it out.  He was a character.



The Big Book of Brain Games

The Big Book of Brain Games

The Big Book of Brain Games is sure to become one of the great puzzle books. I have been interested in puzzles for many years and have a collection of over 350 “puzzle books” I have no hesitation in ranking this book right up there with “Cyclopedia of Puzzles” by Sam Loyd, “The Moscow Puzzles” by Boris Kordemsky” and “536 Puzzles & Curious Problems” by H.E.Dudeney. Each in it’s own way; Loyd’s was an innovation and a classic in it’s time, Dudeney’s and Kordemsky’s were very traditional with great variety. Moscovich gives [Read More...]


Geared Mixup v2

Geared Mixup v2

Geared Mixup v2 is like the Gear Cube in that it has gears.  What Gear Cube doesn’t have but this one does is that you can turn the gears every side instead of every 2 sides.  What this translates to is a Gear puzzle that is much like the 3×3 in solving.  Still makes my head spin when looking at the gears move.  I would like to use this one myself as it looks very interesting.

Thank you Oskar for allowing us to use your videos.  If you would like to [Read More...]


Count on Me

Count on Me

Count on on me is an excellent puzzle in all aspects. To start with, it is beautifully constructed of two, light and dark, exotic hardwoods. Then, it comes in a two piece wooden box, which makes for great storage or travel, thus ensuring the pieces don’t get lost. The box also acts as a tray to fit the pieces in. The pieces consist of 10 numbers from 0 to 9. Although the pieces are not interlocking as with a typical jigsaw puzzle; they must fit together, leaving a grid of 20 small squares. [Read More...]

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