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Butterfly Escape – Online Puzzle Game


Butterfly Escape is an addictive and exhilarating 3D action-puzzle game.

Charge through 109 scenic levels as you guide Buka the Dragonfly to help him shoot and destroy approaching balls of light before they reach the Dungeon of Darkness. There are 3 exciting game modes along with some cool animated characters and power-ups.

Adventure and excitement await those who help Buka free the butterflies and return sunrise to the Kingdom of Light. More information at Genimo dot com. Happy Puzzling!



More Bolleke Puzzle Drink Coasters


A few weeks ago I post an article about a puzzle on a beer coaster called Bolleke Puzzle. Luckily I found two other “Bolleke” puzzle coasters.

The rules are simple: Each row and column has to have the same number of solid and open circles. Next to that you are not allowed to have more than the same type of “Bollekes” next to each other (solid and open). And as proven on Puzzlinks when there is a unique solution in each square there has to be a “Bolleke”. Happy Puzzling!

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Aquacubes – Online Puzzle Game


Aquacubes is an addictive Flash puzzle game like Samegame only with Aquacubes you can dragging rows horizontally or columns vertically.

Object is to form groups of the same colored squares (minimal four) to get fuel for your submarines. A fun and very addictive game with lovely music that will keep you playing forever!

Aquazone and more instructions / controls are in-game at the website of mofunzone. Happy Puzzling!



Frenzic for Max OS X


Frenzic is a new, fast-paced puzzle game from the folks over at Iconfactory.

The object of the game is to place wedge-shaped slices into your choice of six circles. It doesn’t sound very fun, but once you give it a try, you will become addicted. You can try to beat your own high score, or play against others online. Frenzic takes minutes to learn and months to master, Frenzic is an all new puzzle-based game for Mac OS X.

You can downloaded the free trial, which allows for 60 minutes of game play. It’s a fun and addicting [Read More...]


Destination: Buenos Aires – Triángulo Puzzle


At the online web store of Museum Of Modern Art you can find some beautiful pieces of design and art. One of the design items is a Triángulo Puzzle designed by Marcelo Federico and Gonzalo Arbutti in 2000.

The Triángulo Puzzle consists of 30 small wooden triangles, 10 each of red, blue, and black, featuring slots at each corner that allow for unlimited combinations and 3-D shape creations.

The puzzle is made of 3mm MDF and non-toxic acrylic lacquer and is suitable for ages 3 and older. Triángulo Puzzle is part of “Destination: Buenos Aires”, their new limited-time product collection [Read More...]


Plexi Ball Puzzle


At the online web store of Museum Of Modern Art you can find some beautiful pieces of design and art. One of the items is a Plexiglas puzzle designed by Charles O. Perry in 1967.

The puzzle is made entirely of Plexiglas, the manner in which light bounces off this three-dimensional desktop puzzle gives it a jewel-like appearance. A challenge to take apart and put back together, the puzzle comes in a felt gift bag. Charles O. Perry is a renowned sculptor whose most prestigious work stands in front of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C..

The [Read More...]


Puzzle Look Alike Mobile Phone


The design of your mobile phone is the result of countless business plans and a lot of other technical and financial analysis. The CUin5 as this mobile phone is called, is the bizarro world version of that business plan. Every face includes a keypad, microphone and speaker.

“Imagine grabbing it quickly – from inside your bag, from off a shelf, from under a car seat – and freely interacting with it without needing to turn it over or align it right side up?”

The “super-practical” interface is also one of several science fiction design hybrids— or Design Fictions—that will [Read More...]

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