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Sudoku Song for Kids


Sudoku does not only keep people puzzling but it also inspires people to write songs about it (read a previous post about a Sudoku Song).

Now comedians Rhett And Link wrote a short Sudoku song especially for the kids (57sec) and give Sudoku a new perspective. You can find the Sudoku Song at YouTube. Happy Puzzling!

If you are still puzzled how to solve Sudoku please read our How to Solve Sudoku webpage, where you can find simple tips to solve all your Sudoku’s. Happy Puzzling!


Kakuro Mini for Windows Mobile


Last week Kakuro Mini is released for Windows Mobile Devices, and the best thing is that it is for free.

So now you can keep playing. Kakuro is also known as Cross Sums, Kakuro is a logic puzzle game in the same genre as Sudoku (at Passion for Puzzles Strategy web page you can find tips to solve Kakuro). With Kakuro Mini you can generate puzzles in sizes from 6×6 to 9×9 and difficulties from easy to hard.

The build in assistant can help you with automatic markup, and revealing certain numbers, allowing you to [Read More...]


Spot The Seven


A few days ago someone added a link on the Puzzle Links page to Link The Seven.

Every day on Spot The Seven a puzzle is added (feel free to add your favorite puzzle website). It consist of two pictures with (as the name says) has seven difference between the two pictures. That’s easy, there are no extra rules for time or what so ever, just find the seven differences.

Everey day two new pictures are added. Just visit Moe’s Realm Spot The Seven website. Happy Puzzling!



Scrabble Wordplay Installation


Okay it’s not really a puzzle, but the idea to lighten up an office environment, I think is just brilliant.

This is an interactive seating based on the game Scrabble in a short break area for employees in the London offices of Bloomberg financial services. Employees can make words and leave a messages with the screen printed letter cushions.

It is a collaboration with Alistair Willmott. The pictures are taken in an London office where Wordplay is installed in 2004. Happy Puzzling!

Buy the original Scrabble Crossword Game at Amazon.


15 Puzzle for Mobile Phone


The first mobile phone with integrated puzzle is designed by GMEA (Russian designer Dima Komissarov) and at GMEA they call it “the first ever real game phone”.

Instead of a normal keypad it has a keypad that mimics a sliding puzzle (also known as 15 puzzle). You can move each key around to arrange them however you like, although the right positions are marked underneath, so you can get them back into place if necessary.

With this new designed mobile phone you can even play when the battery is empty. You can solve 15 Puzzle online [Read More...]


Rubik’s Cube Mp3 Player


Who will ever think about combining Rubik’s Cube and a MP3 Player, well Hee Yong did.

The Rubik’s Cube MP3 player got all the functionalities of an MP3 player and a Rubik’s Cube. But first before you can operate the MP3 player, you have to turn and align it in certain ways and to turn it off you have to complete the puzzle.

I think Speedcubing is essential in this case. Via Yanko Design. Happy Puzzling!

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Pandigital Sudoku


Via su.doku.es I found another variant of the famous Sudoku puzzles. It’s called Pandigital Sudoku.

Object is  to fill in the Sudoku grid so that every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. These are the original Sudoku rules. Additional the rows form 9 correct arithmetic expressions reading from left to right.

There is only one solution to complete Pandigital Sudoku. Happy Puzzling!


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