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Logix – Online Puzzle Game


At passion for puzzles I added another online puzzle you can play online for free. It’s called Logix and has 10 levels.

Object of the puzzle is to turn all squares into circles by moving your mouse over the squares. Logix starts very simple but the puzzle becomes a little bit more difficult when you got different colors. This means you have to move your mouse over them twice or not at all otherwise the level will be reset.

Unfortunately this is not a game for people who are color blind. If you don’t have problems with contoling your mouse [Read More...]


Windows Vista launch Puzzle


At vanishingpointgame.com Microsoft offers every week 12 puzzles. This to promote the release of Microsoft’s Vista. Prizes include a trip into space and your name engraved on AMD chips.

Each puzzle released has a piece hidden within a live event. You can find this hidden piece by attending the live event or watching footage via the Vanishing Point website.

Upon registering for the sweepstakes on the website for each puzzle you solve you will get points. And you can earn 10 additional points for referring other visitors to register for the promotion.

Each point is worth [Read More...]


Pearl Puzzle – Online Puzzle Game


Super Collapse is simply a blast! Find rows and columns of three or more like-colored blocks; click them and they disappear, collapsing the rows and columns above.

Easy, right? Watch out though, more lines are stacking up at the bottom (and speeding up), and as soon as any column reaches the top, it’s game over! You can choose your preferred game mode: when the blocks of colored cubes grow like stalagmites or fall down like stalactites.

Pearl Puzzle is super addictive and great fun for the whole family. Happy Puzzling!



Akari – Light Bulb Puzzle Game


Su.doku.es pointed me to the Akari / Light Bulb puzzle available via Web Nikoli. Although Slitherlink is still my favorite Akari is worth looking at.

The Akari / Light Bulb puzzle was developed by Nikoli in 2001. This puzzle has a very simple rule (like Slitherlink), but guide you a logical complex world.

Light up all empty squares by placing light bulbs according to the following rules: - A number indicates how may light bulbs are next to it, vertically and horizontally - Each light bulb illuminates all unblocked squares in its row and column - Every square must be [Read More...]


Mind Quiz Puzzles


For Nintendo Brain Training scored very well, and now there is even Brain Training for other popular portable computers and can owners of a PSP become as smart as Nintendo owners.

Mind Quiz consist of a view tests with speed an accuracy as extra element. With these elements Brain Training calculates you brain age. All tests looks alike and a bit of training will increase your brain age. There is only one limit, you can only do one test a day. If it is real science is the question but it is fun, especially when you use the multi player [Read More...]


Explode! – Mobile Puzzle Game


If the sign of an innovative game is that it all makes sense when you play it, Explode! could well be something really different. Because to be quite honest, we’re not quite sure from the press release and screen shots how it works at all.

That’s the problem with new ideas, of course. Cynics say stuff like, “A bulb of light, Mr Edison? Who in the world needs that when they can simply light a candle?” And indeed, until we play Explode! we won’t know if it’s the best new thing since 7 Wonders, or the worst thing since the [Read More...]


Mobile Rubik’s Bloxx Twister


Have you ever solved a Rubik’s Cube puzzle? Thought not. Bet you know someone who has, though, right? Everybody seems to when you mention the Rubik’s Cube, the cultural gimmick / icon of the 1980′s.

Thankfully it’s not an issue that you’re likely to encounter with Rubik’s Bloxx Twister, which bears a closer resemblance to classic puzzlers like Tetris or Lumines than it does its cuboid forebear.

Set in what is now a familiar collection of screen furniture, the playing area slowly fills with colored blocks. But rather than dropping in from the top of the screen, a la Tetris, [Read More...]

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