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Porcupine Wooden Puzzle


This Christmas I got a fantastic wooden puzzle from Santa Claus called Porcupine by Family Games.

This genius-level wooden puzzle [10" x 10" x 10" or 25cm x 25cm x 25cm], challenges you to release the central disk by manipulating the ten wooden rods. The puzzle is already assembled so you can start puzzling directly after opening the big box. Well this year Santa got me puzzled not more than 15 minutes before the wooden disk was released (to be honest my brother was not very happy about that).

At least the wooden Porcupine puzzle will [Read More...]


Calendar Rubik’s Cube


If you are bored solving your Rubik’s Cube every day again.

Now Cubesmith dot com offers you the Calendar Rubik’s Cube. Now you will have a reason to solve your Rubik’s Cube every day.

You will have to compose each day the month (three letters), day (two syllables) and the date (two figures) at one side of Rubik’s Cube. This is really a nice cube to put at your desk in the office.

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Close But No Rhyme – Christmas Puzzle


For people who love to solve puzzles during Christmas also this year there is Blaine and Felicia’s Christmas Puzzle.

This years puzzles is called “Close But No Rhyme”. Each clue’s answer is a pair of words that would appear to rhyme (since only the first letter differs), but they actually don’t rhyme. See the first pair of words as an example. Once you have figured out the words, place the corresponding letters in the grid to spell out a phrase.

Their Christmas puzzles appear each Christmas on the Internet since 1996. [Read More...]


Interview with World Champion Rubik’s Cube Solver


Via speedcubing dot com I found an interesting interview with 23 year old Chris Hardwick in the News Observer.

Now Rubik’s Cube featured prominently in Will Smith’s new movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness.” Chris is excited about the movie’s potential for expanding the puzzles fan base, and so am I.

It is a nice article (Rubik’s takes another turn in spotlight) to read during the Holidays. Update: the article is only available from the NewsObserver.com paid archives, search for “Rubik’s takes another turn [Read More...]


Bedlam Cube Wins Industry Award


The Bolton entrepreneur and the driving force behind one of the UK’s most popular puzzle games, the Bedlam Cube, has won a top trade award.

Danny Bamping, from Bromley Cross, the managing director of Bedlam Puzzles and driving force behind The Bedlam Cube, has won the first ever British Promotional Merchandise Association Entrepreneur of the Industry Award from the UK’s promotional marketing industry. Next to this the Bedlam Puzzle Company also won the Most Innovative Product Award.

Danny Bamping’s primary business interest is the Bedlam Cube puzzle, a worldwide phenomenon, with annual sales now estimated at over £1 million.

If [Read More...]


Kaskade – Sliding Block Puzzle Game for Mac OS


Kaskade is a classic action puzzle game for Mac OS.

The game play of Kaskade is very easy to pick up. You have to slide multi-colored blocks into a grid. The blocks slide and rest at one corner (I love this twist for sliding block games).

Join a patch of four or more of the same color to clear space! The remaining blocks fall and can sometimes form new patches. With good logic and forward planning you can create cascades of color for bonus points! Continue dropping blocks into the grid and try to avoid running out of space.

You [Read More...]


Build your own Magnetic Rubik’s Dice Cube


If you are looking for a nice DIY project during the Christmas Holidays than you have to take a look at the instruction on how to build a Magnetic Rubik’s Dice Cube.

The detailed instruction in eight steps, needed equipment and the complete part list are available at the Instructables website.

The non-symetrical nature of some of the die patterns gives the magnetic dice cube an extra element of strategy not present in a regular Rubik’s Cube. This variable of rotation is an aspect of the “sudocube,” but the magnetic dice cube is easier to solve, because each [Read More...]

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