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Blue Reef Sudoku


An undersea spin on the classic number game Sudoku called Blue Reef Sudoku will have you swimming in puzzling fun for hours.

The goal is always the same: fill the grids, columns, and rows with numbers 1-9 without repeating any digits. Use the boards that come with the game, or make your own to share with friends. With amazing graphic and wonderful music, you’ll never want to end this challenge.

Become a Sudoku Master! Blue Reef Suduoku offers you three gameplay modes, and three difficulty levels.

You can download a trial version of [Read More...]


Illuminated Rubik’s Cube Speaker Video’s


A few months ago I already wrote an article about the Illuminated Rubik’s Cube Speaker System.

Just plug this 110 mm-tall (4 inch) decorative puzzle into your iPod and watch the 27 light patterns sparkle to the beat. Or, if silence is your preferred modality, you can simply watch it glow. The speakers will be released only in Japan.

Now I found via TechEBlog a link to two video’s on You Tube where you can watch and listen to the Illuminated Rubik Cube Speakers. Demo Video #1 [1m08s] [Read More...]


Disney’s 3-in-1 mobile puzzle pack


Disney has just announced the European launch of their 3-in-1 Puzzle Pack for mobile which consists of these classic puzzlers: Solitaire, Sudoku and Mahjong.

Sunil Gunderia, VP of mobile for the Walt Disney Internet Group, Europe, says, “By presenting mobile versions in a bundled package, we hope to appeal to a broader range of mobile phone users who are looking for a fun and easy way to pass the time anytime, anywhere.”

So whether you’re stuck in the subway or in a boring meeting where no one’s obviously paying attention to the speaker, all you have to do is bring [Read More...]


Roman Sudoku – Sudoku Variant


At RomanSudoku dot com you can find another Sudoku variant by Laura Gibbs. As the name already tells you it uses Roman Numerals in stead of our usual numbers.

At the website you can also order Roman Sudoku book. The Roman Sudoku book costs US$ 11.95 and contains 40 Roman Sudoku puzzles: 10 very easy puzzles (perfacile), 10 easy puzzles (facile), 10 difficult puzzles (difficile), and 10 very difficult puzzles (perdifficile), with solutions provided. The book is spiral-bound, making it convenient to handle while you are working a puzzle.


Lego Bricks Puzzle


Hands-On Mobile (formally known as mForma) has announced the North American debut of licensed puzzle game Lego Bricks. In Bricks gamers are tasked with the tried and true puzzle set-up – rotate and match colored Lego bricks in vertical and horizontal rows of three or more to make them disappear.

The game is just one aspect of the company’s extensive use of the Lego brand, which also includes Lego World Soccer, released in August of this year and developed by Danish mobile studio Kiloo.

Hands-On also noted that it is supporting the product with a cross-medium marketing push that encompasses [Read More...]


Impulse – Logic Puzzle for Windows


Impulse is a new logic puzzle game from Taparo and is now out and ready to put PC gamers on the edge of the fun kind of frustration. In Impulse, your goal is to hit a target using a ball. Sounds like been there, played that kind of game? Not really. Here’s the twist. You must use the principles of gravity to direct the ball through a course filled with many obstacles of different sizes and nature. The path to scoring ranges from the simple to the deliciously intricate.

You can also make the ball hit your target via an [Read More...]


Build your own Magnetic Rubik’s Cube


At Flickr you can find a photo set from Gary Flixer about his ” Rubik’s Magnetic Cube Project“.

He got the idea after recently picking up some Rubik’s Cubes. He thought it might be be able to create a cube out of simple cubes with embedded magnets. He drew up some plans, figured out polarities, and realized that it could actually work. He set about finding some acrylic cubes from Tap Plastics, and some neodymium disc magnets from K&J; Magnetics. While they were in shipment, he mocked up a version [Read More...]

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