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Hexagram – Online Puzzle Game


Hexagram is in difficult Java puzzle. It is a tiling puzzle with 19 mathematically derived patterns.

You have to place 19 black and white colored hexagram shaped tiles into a grid. After placing a tile you can rotate them to get the match you want. Don’t give up to fast, and you will be able to solve this puzzle. Only downside is that it won’t work with Firefox.

At the games page of Eric Solomon you can find more lovely on-line Java Puzzle games. Happy Puzzling!

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Macdoku for Free


Via Digg.com I found Macdoku which is a free and open source Sudoku puzzle generator, solver, and assistant.

With Macdoku, you can easily manage the possibilities available to each square. The three main possibility constraints are updated live as you type, and other possibilities can be managed in elimination mode. Highlighting of squares with one remaining possibility can be toggled on and off.

Pressing TAB will now automatically fill in all such solved squares. It uses qqwing to generate new puzzles with various levels of difficulty, and Sudoku-solver-in-c as its solving engine. Happy Puzzling!

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Puzzle Scape for PSP


It looks like another puzzle game will soon be debuting on the PlayStation Portable. Puzzle Scape, being published by O~3 Entertainment and developed by Farmind Ltd, is scheduled for release next month. Here are notes about this new title from the press release.

“Players arrange blocks of different colors into chains that are exploded by 2×2 same colored blocks. Eliminating the blocks creates level-ups and the player can gather a variety of power-ups by creating long chains. Level-ups introduce new elements into visually amazing background landscapes.

Game mode defines the rules of the game. In architect mode, [Read More...]


Brain Buster Puzzle Pak for Nintendo


Agetec, Inc. announce the upcoming Brain Buster Puzzle Pak for the Nintendo DS, featuring the latest and most challenging Japanese mind games including Sudoku and Kakuro. The release is scheduled for February 2007, the Brain Buster Puzzle Pak will provide abundant challenges for novices and experts alike with a deep selection of added bonus materials.

Brain BusterPuzzle Pak features hundreds of puzzles ranging from the hugely popular Sudoku to the latest craze in Japan, Kakuro. Also included are the uniquely challenging and innovative games Light Up, Nurikabe, and Slitherlink. These puzzles have all been created in conjunction [Read More...]


Beta Testers Wanted for New Puzzle Game


Be first to beta test a new puzzle game. You can register at GameZebo.

They can’t tell what it is (yet), but they can say that it’s a puzzle game from the developers of Teddy Factory and the Ancient Tripeaks series.

By joining the Beta Test Program, you can share your opinion directly with game developers. And as an extra bonus, the developer will pick 10 people to win a full version of the game when it is released. Happy Puzzling!

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150 Free Puzzles


Via Link Grabber I found a 136 page pdf-file with 150 puzzles and they vary from simple ones to the more difficult ones. They are interesting even for those who are not skilled in maths, including solutions.

The puzzles are written by Shakuntala Devi the world famous mathematical genius from India. She is a self taught prodigy who never had any formal education. She is also known as the human computer.

It is a book of puzzles, and the puzzles in this book are interesting and will involve the reader while solving them. The [Read More...]


Mathematician creates world’s hardest sudoku puzzle


A Finnish mathematician on Monday claimed he had created the world’s hardest Sudoku puzzle, a brain-teaser that required three months’ work and a billion combinations to produce.

“AI Escargot is the most difficult Sudoku puzzle known so far,” the puzzle’s 37-year-old creator and applied mathematician Arto Inkala said.

“I called the puzzle AI Escargot, because it looks like a snail. Solving it is like an intellectual culinary pleasure. AI are my initials,” Inkala added. According to a rating published on a Sudoku website, AI Escargot claims the top spot for Sudoku’s most baffling puzzles.

Escargot demands those [Read More...]

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