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Travel Sudoku


Holiday season is coming up in the next few months and if you, as a Sudoku enthusiast, want to continue solving Sudoku’s during your holiday, Travel Sudoku> is something for you.

This travel version of Sudoku is based on the Moores magnetic Sudoku game, and neatly folds away and closes like a book. It’s held closed with a magnetic clasp. Ideal for train or plane travel or just on the beach.

Travel Sudoku includes 36 new Sudoku Puzzles, full instructions, full set of colored magnetic numbers and dry wipe pen. Happy Puzzling!



Award winning GeoPuzzle


GeoPuzzle is a new puzzle, invented by a former international aid worker, to help children learn African geography in a hands-on manner.

The Africa GeoPuzzle is a jigsaw puzzle map of Africa and the Middle East, with individual pieces shaped like countries. As children assemble the puzzles, they learn about each country from Algeria to Zimbabwe while building cognitive, problem-solving, fine motor, and language skills.

“Lack of geographical knowledge is a big hole in our educational system,” says Bob Galinsky, a former international aid worker and founder of GeoToys. “And in the case of Africa, the hole is the size [Read More...]


Origami Puzzle


Made from Robert Neale’s penultimate module. This puzzle, folded according the origami techniques and is described in Hugo Steinhaus’ book Kalejdoskop matematyczny (Mathematical kaleidoscope).

Origami puzzle consists of six pieces, which can be assembled together to form a cube (see image) or a variety of different shapes. Happy Puzzling!

Via Michal Kosmulski’s Homepage

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TileToy – Modular Electronic Puzzle Game


TileToy is a modular, electronic game prototype for tangible LED game tiles. TileToy brings the flexibility inherent in digital software to a physical tile that people can touch and interact with. By arranging the electronic tiles, players can engage themselves in various kinds of game play, ranging from fast-paced arcade style games to puzzle an learning games.

The tiles are plastic cases approximately 2″ square. The main inspiration for the look and feel comes from the heyday of the LED, when plastic hand-held games ruled the gaming world. This retro-look is fused with a more modern minimal design. [Read More...]


Hapland 3 – Online Puzzle Game


A long time ago I played Hapland so I checked out if there was a new version available (I found Hapland 1 by cleaning my bookmarks).

Next to Hapland 1, Hapland 2 there is also Hapland 3. Hapland looks like a simple Flash puzzle but sometimes you really have to puzzle to find the solution.

You can solve the Hapland mysteries by clicking on things. Sometimes you have to click on things (can be more than once). Sometimes it is all about timing. Sometimes helpful icons are engraved on the walls. [Read More...]


Solve 4D and 5D Magic Cube


For all puzzlers with a passion for Rubik’s Cube there are now software versions (Java, Linux, Windows) available of Rubik’s Cube in four-dimensional and in five-dimensional and they are called Magic Cube.

The four-dimensional version has over 1.75E120 possible combination’s and is available for free for both Windows and Linux users. They even published their source code for download.

Solving it will get your name listed in their Hall Of Fame, and there is also a running competition for the most efficient solution with [Read More...]


Colour Sudoku


Colour Sudoku is another variant of Sudoku and can be found online via Colour Sudoku. Also an explanation how Colour Sudoku should be solved can be found on their website.

It’s very simple: In Colour Sudoku, instead of filling in the numbers 1 to 9 in each of the 3 by 3 blocks, you must enter 1 to 9 in the 9 boxes of each colour – for example there are nine yellow boxes. This means you have to look all over the Sudoku to see where the numbers fit in [Read More...]

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