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Digigrams (Count on Me!)


2D Packing Puzzles allow for some of the most creative works in puzzle design. This type of puzzles is so versatile that you can do almost anything you can imagine. A great example of such creative design is Martin Watson’s Digigrams (also called Count on Me!).

Digigrams is comprised of 10 pieces representing the numbers in digital form from 0 thru 9. The goal is simple: just pack them into the provided tray. The solution is neatly packed to make the most out of the available space, due to the unusual shape of the pieces.

The puzzle is [Read More...]


Century Puzzle: old puzzle comes back in the modern form.

Century Puzzle

Bakos Lucian recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game: Century Puzzle. The object is to swivel the rings so that each column of numbers adds up to 100.

This is a very old type of puzzle. I have a paper version of this – it was hard to solve. But I did it. I’m not sure where it is, but I think it has 5 rings.

Century Puzzle has 6 rings – a lot more difficult!

There are 100 levels here. I don’t expect this puzzle to gain popularity because once you’ve done 1, there’s no urge to [Read More...]


Fifteen Puzzle

Fifteen Puzzle

This 15 Puzzle is one of the all time most popular puzzles right up there with Rubik’s Cube. I have loved puzzles of all kinds ever since I was a kid, over 70 years ago. The 15 Puzzle was probably my first puzzle and it has always challenged, entertained and fascinated me. I have had many, many versions of it over the years. This one by Binary Arts/ThinkFun is one of my favorites for several reasons. It is extremely well made of metal, the tiles slide exceptionally well and do not fall out, and [Read More...]


The 15 Puzzle

The 15 Puzzle

Whenever you see Jerry Slocum and any of his associates, in this case Dic Sonneveld, involved in something; you can count on it being First Class. This new book, The 15 Puzzle book, is simply delightful for any puzzle lover. They take one of the most common of all puzzles, The 15 Puzzle, and show that it has a background that arguably makes it the most popular puzzle craze of all time. The book is a great read, filled with everything about the puzzle; from its creation, and how it took the whole world by storm. Much of [Read More...]


Fit to a Tee Golf Puzzle

Fit to a Tee

Fit to a Tee Golf Puzzle is a “sister” to The “Fifteen Puzzle” by the same company. They have been around for quite a while. Mine has a date of 2001 and made by Binary Arts; the company is now called ThinkFun. It is made of metal and very solid. The data shows the shipping weight as 2 pounds; but the puzzle is nowhere near that, maybe 1/2 pound at the most; and can easily be carried in the pocket; except for one thing. If you look at the “1 [Read More...]


2 Loops

2 Loops

This looks more like an optical illusion object than an actual puzzle. The mesmerizing pattern created by these two loops almost gives a sense of movement. Its designer is none other than Jean Claude Constantin.

The 2 Loops is actually a Packing Puzzle with six pieces. Simply remove the pieces from the tray and pack them up again. It’s deceptively easy, considering the complexity of the two shapes. The puzzle is made from two contrasting wood tones, which gives an impression that only the lighter parts can be removed and the others are part [Read More...]


TapGem: puzzle app for iphone, ipad


TapGem is a very interesting puzzle app game. The object is to place 4 gems on each colored region and ensure that each row and column has the correct number of gems as indicated. See the left margin and the row of numbers on the top.

If a number is in black, then you have satisfied the correct number of gems in that row or column. You can then white out the other squares because they cannot have gems.

There are 60 free levels. I’ve done all the easy and medium levels. Here’s what I don’t like: many of these [Read More...]

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