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Star of David

Star of David

The Star of David is yet another puzzle produced entirely and sold exclusively at PuzzleMaster. For many more PuzzleMaster’s wooden puzzles, check the following list.

The name of the puzzle comes from the resemblance, in shape, to the Jewish symbol, known in Hebrew as the “Shield of David”, which is a hexagram composed by two equilateral triangles.

The design is cleverly done with the use of two different wood colors, enhancing the beautiful contrast seen in the middle of both sides. This easy technique of using two or more colors of wood can maximize the elegance of [Read More...]


Well Game Puzzle


Now that Iíve had a chance to try a few puzzles, I wanted to get one that would look nice on my desk and didnít take up too much space. Iíve already tried a few but they didnít quite work out for various reason until I obtained the Well Game Puzzle. The puzzle is also called Brunnen puzzle or Brunnen Spiel. Brunnen Spiel is German for Well Game. This puzzle is designed by Markus Goetz and manufactured by a German game and puzzle company called Philos. This is my first Philos puzzle and it has left a very good impression [Read More...]




In searching for a new game to play, I came across a game called Grablox.† There are two versions of the game.† A free version which has ads and a paid version which has the ads taken out.† Both have exactly the same amount of levels and design.

In first seeing the game on google play I was interested by how the pictures looked.† I thought well this could be a kids game by the design.† I installed it and realized that it is definitely not for small kids as the puzzles are actually quite hard to [Read More...]


Centrale Puzzle


Throughout my short trip through puzzle land, Iíve noticed a few puzzle designers that stand out. One of them is Jean-Claude Constantin and in this review, Iím going to talk about one of his puzzles called Centrale. I took an interest in Jean-Claudeís puzzles because of their contemporary look. The main reason I like to collect puzzles is the enjoyment of understanding the puzzle mechanics and solving them of course. However, it helps when the puzzles look great. Jean-Claude’s puzzles comfortably fill all those requirements. I did a little research and found out that there are two versions of the [Read More...]


4 Steps Visible Lock

4 Steps Visible Lock

Robrecht Louage is a puzzle designer from Belgium. His latest design, the 4 Steps Visible Lock, has earned him the Jury Grand Prize at the 31st IPP Puzzle Design Competirion, held last year in Berlin, Germany.

The puzzle is made of acrylic and a material called trespa. There are four steel balls, two for each different size and it measures 11.5cm Length x 6.5cm Width x 2.5cm Height (4.53″x2.56″x0.98″).

The 4 Visual Tricks Puzzle, as it was first called and suggested by its name, consists of four distinct movements that keep a coin well locked inside. Your [Read More...]


Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

Once in a while I like to torture myself with a Wire Puzzle. Most of the times they drive me nuts while I try in vain to find a solution. Others, however, are not that frustrating and give me an incentive for tougher levels. The puzzle that I’m reviewing today, the Iron Maiden is fortunately one of those examples.

The Iron Maiden is an original design by Tucker-Jones House from 1982 and the version I have, more affordable, is produced by PuzzleMaster. While it’s cheaper, it’s still a good quality puzzle, so you’ll get the full [Read More...]


Cross Cross

CrossCross Puzzle

The object of CrossCross Puzzle is to make each square get to zero. Tap on a square and all the squares in that row and column will decrease by 1.

I’ve seen this type of puzzle before.

CrossCross has 168 free levels. Of those, I’ve done 84 of them. Sorry for not completing them all. But there are so many other puzzle apps that I must investigate.

You might think that the solution is to automatically tap the highest numbers. Not necessarily.

CrossCross Puzzle does not make the list of Best Puzzle Apps of 2012, but hey, it’s free and [Read More...]

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