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triple tribar

I just love impossible images, on first look they appear to be real, but as you look closer it is impossible. Andreas wonderful recreation of a Triple Tribar triangle is amazing. Trying following the surfaces of his triangle and you will see what I mean.† He failed with his first attempt, but he kept trying until he was able to recreate it

This can absolutely challenge your mind. You will surely love to add up this optical illusion to your favorite puzzles.

You can see the full article here.


Andoku Sudoku 2 by Markus Wiederkehr


Beginners and experts alike will enjoy this eloquently designed version of Sudoku games for digital downloads. The puzzle challenging fun is unlimited in this new game with 10 Sudoku variations and 8 levels of difficulties. You will find over 15,000 Sudoku puzzles in all for hours of brain stretching fun, each with its own unique solutions. Check out the fun variations including Standard Sudoku, X Sudoku, Hyper Sudoku, Percent Sudoku, Color Sudoku, Squiggly Sudoku (Jigsaw), Squiggly X Sudoku, Squiggly Hyper Sudoku, Squiggly Percent Sudoku, Squiggly Color Sudoku.

In addition to the ultimate list of puzzles for endless fun you will [Read More...]




This is a great little book of 100 puzzles. It will challenge anyone from 10 to 100.It is small and will fit into your pocket and be ready to fill some idle time. While these little puzzles look simple; looks are often deceiving.

Here are a few examples:

1 3 5 7 8 _ _

What are the next two numbers in this logical sequence?






What do the words above have in common?






All the above words have something in common. What is it?


9 and 10.The series lists only [Read More...]


Gear Planet

Gear Planet was suggested by Ferdinand Lammertink. Ferdinand is best known as the inventor of several Thinkfun puzzles, including Backspin and Port-to-Port and recently Perilous Pipes by Popular Playthings. There are a total of 11 tiles in this puzzle toy and they can turn around the sphere. It features a green gear at the top and a blue gear at the bottom. The gear moves the tiles. There is a gearing and sliding mechanism for scrambling the tiles. The object is to get them all back in order. Experts may recognize some similarity between the gearing of four tiles, [Read More...]


Ring Pass Not 2

rpn pllaying it

Pass the challenges of the sorcererís rings and you can become a puzzle wizard. Ring Pass Not 2 absolutely rocks, now you can play it in classic, survival and intense mode. The players will need to fit the tiles in the sorcererís ring. The player can match either symbol or color to complete a full ring and prevent the dragon from incinerating you. The player will need to accomplish four standard deals in order to complete a level. There are now extra deal bonus tool that will help you go through the tricky rings.


Love Hate Ambigram: John Langdon


This Love Hate ambigram is very cool. When you first look at it you see “hate”. Look carefully and you can see the word “love”. About the Ambigrams

Ambigrams are both interesting and fascinating. Ambigrams are also known as calligraphic design that can be able to squeeze two different readings into identical set of curves. There are many types of ambigrams like that of rotational, 3 dimensional, fractal, chain, mirror image and figure ground just to name a few. John Langdon’s Ambigrams are all fantastic and it could be a wonderful experience to discover and learn more about Ambigrams by checking [Read More...]


Color Cubes by EbdaSoftware


If you enjoy challenging your mind with building games and are searching for a new addition to your android phone, then Color Cubes by EbdaSoftware is a perfect addition to your digital game collection. This is a traditional block game with all the challenges and puzzles for your mind you have come to love.

Using the process of elimination you move and shape blocks to match up large chunks of matching colors. Find the largest set of matching colors if you wish to get the highest score possible. With plenty of levels, increasing in difficulty as you move along [Read More...]

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