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Oxbow Puzzle – Online Logic Puzzle Game


Oxbow Puzzle is an online logic puzzle game by Puzzles.com Puzzle Club. Oxbow Puzzle is a Flash version of a very old puzzle. You start with four Orange marbles on the left, four Blue ones on the right, and one empty hole in the middle.

Object is to move the Blue marbles to the left and the Orange – to the right, again living an empty hole in the middle.

There are the next rules to solve the puzzle: 1. The marbles move (or jump) one at a time. 2. The marbles move forward only (Blue – [Read More...]


Snail Bob – Skill and Phyiscs Puzzle Game


Snail Bob is a lovely skill and physics based puzzle game.

Object of Snail Bob is to help this slimy but spirited snail called Bob to make the journey to his sparkling new abode.

Use the tools and hints provided to guide Snail Bob through the treacherous construction site. Happy Puzzling!



Blokus Trigon Game – Great Strategy Game


Blokus Trigon Game re-imagines the classic Blokus Strategy Game from a whole new angle. Instead of squares, each Blokus Trigon piece is formed of one or more triangles.

Players take turns placing pieces of their chosen color on the board. Each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners.

The player who places the most triangles wins. For ages 6 and up. for 1 to 4 players. Happy Puzzling!



Bloons 2 Christmas Expansion Pack


Bloons 2 Christmas Expansion is yet another version of the world famous Bloons bubble shooter series, this time it’s Christmas.

This time, guide your monkey through a Christmas themed and colored world with 48 levels to complete. You still can enjoy 96 levels in the original version of Bloons 2. Happy Puzzling!



Oceanic Wonders a 3000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Ravensburger


Oceanic Wonders is one of the top-selling jigsaw puzzles by Ravensburger.

Oceanic Wonders jigsaw puzzle comes in 3000 pieces. The jigsaw pieces have a nice matted finish which makes them easy to see and handle.

Piece together this colorful ocean scene and watch it come to life in wonderful detail. Assemble it; then glue and frame it. With photographic-quality colors, this puzzle looks great in any room once completed. It’s the perfect rainy-day activity for the whole family.

Buy Oceanic Wonders at Amazon.


Test Your Plane – Online Game by GE


Test Your Plane by GE isn’t really a puzzle game, but it still fun and you can still puzzle to design a perfect plane and test it in flight.

Designing an airplane isn’t easy. You have to know aerodynamics, physics, and how to balance lift, drag, and engine fuel efficiency so that they all work together. No designing an airplane isn’t easy at all. Happy Puzzling!



Creationary Game by Lego


Lego is not only a construction toys for kids, but also for puzzle lovers to create fantastic Lego Robots to solve the world famous puzzle and even Sudoku puzzles.

Now Lego also introduces some great Lego games, the world’s first collection of games that you build, play and change. With the unique buildable Lego Dice and changeable rules, Lego Games is a great way of having fun together with family and friends.

Roll the Lego Dice in Lego Creationary Game to select one of four exciting building categories: vehicles, buildings, nature or things. [Read More...]

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