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Scrabble Flash Cubes by Hasbro


Scrabble Flash Cubes, by Hasbro, offers a compact, modern version of the classic board game Scrabble that people of all vocabulary levels can enjoy.

Great for players eight years and older, this game features five SmartLink tiles that keep track of your words and points electronically. Play one of the two solo games, or swap tiles to win against a friend. Ideal for road trips or family vacations, Scrabble Flash delivers word-building excitement in a convenient, portable size. Available via Amazon. Happy Puzzling!



Skulls and Skeletons – National Geographic Kids Puzzler


National Geographic offers you the best online games and quizzes for kids, including this lovely puzzle game called Skulls and Skeletons.

Object of Skulls and Skeletons is to piece the skull and skeleton photo’s back together. You can choose between two different puzzle types: jigsaw puzzles or slide puzzles and four different pictures. Happy Puzzling!

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Khun Sliding Wood – Online Puzzle Game


Khun (sliding wood) is an online version of a Thai wooden puzzle game called Khun Phaen Escapes to freedom.

Object is to is to move the big square piece with the dragon to the opposite end of the case. In this online version of Khun there are 11 puzzling levels to solve.

You can buy the original wooden puzzle Khun – The Great Escape at Amazon. Happy Puzzling!



Bomboozle 2 – Online Puzzle Game


At the end of 2007 I wrote about Perplex and suggested the designer of Perplex to make an online version in Flash as it is much more accessible online.

In 2007 I received an email from Mike the Perplex game designer that he made an online Flash version of Perplex, this time the puzzle game is called Bomboozle. Now after 3 years Bomboozle is back with a brand new sequel Bomboozle 2.

BomBoozle 2 has new game modes, blob types, special powers, achievements, and dynamic music, [Read More...]


Aequilibrium 2 – Physics Based Puzzle Game


Aequilibrium 2 is sequel of physics based puzzle game Aequilibrium and looks still like online puzzle games Red Remover and PuruPuru.

Object of Aequilibrium 2 stays the same as in the first edition. Remove all red objects from the screen and keep balanced.

Enjoy 20 balancing levels. Happy Puzzling!



Morphing – Physics Based Puzzle Game


Morphing is an interesting physics based puzzle game in which some skill is needed.

Object is to calculate your steps to morph objects to the reach the target in 30 puzzling levels.

You can also create your own challenging levels with the built in level editor. Happy Puzzling!



Solitaire Chess – Logic Puzzle by ThinkFun


Solitaire Chess is not chess, but uses the rules of chess to help you learn the game or sharpen your skills.

Solitaire Chess takes the best part of the game eliminating your opponents pieces and makes it the goal of this fun and fast-paced logic puzzle. Your problem-solving and sequential logic skills are put to the test as you plan your strategy to eliminate all of the pieces from the game board except one, using only traditional chess moves.

Solitaire Chess includes 60 beginner- to expert-level challenges, 10 chess pieces, and a storage bag. How [Read More...]

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