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Tunnel Cube

Tunnel Cube is a unique looking puzzle cube and it appears to be extra challenging to solve because of how it is designed. This is inspired by the handle bar cube where some pieces are connected with the bricks to another with the same color. There are tunnels and handle bars in the inside. If you try to turn one side of the tunnel cube, the other side follows .Therefore the top and bottom of this puzzle cube are connected. However, the middle parts can turn independently.

The mechanism of the holes is to show the bandaging because without [Read More...]



Traiphum HEXAMINX CRYSTAL is yet another amazing twisty puzzle. Puzzle aficionados will definitely love to try playing this toy. This puzzle toy features an absolutely beautiful design, fantastic mechanism and smooth turning of the cube layers. It looks quite complex to play but if you got the wits and guts to play with such interesting puzzle toy then you will enjoy it for sure.

It looks extremely challenging to play and solve. It would be a great pleasure for lovers of brain twisters to play with this puzzle toy. This is something that you can play alone or even [Read More...]


Khaled’s Time Machine – successful second prototype

Khaled’s Time Machine – successful second prototype was suggested by Khaled Habbab. His idea combines Polo Gear Cube and time machine. This second prototype turns much better than Khaled or Oskar could have dreamed. This puzzle toy looks exotic and complex as it features interesting parts. This is considered as a type of twisty puzzle. It has 2×2 Rubik’s cubes with gears similar to the Polo Gear Cube. If you want a brand new experience of playing with puzzle cubes then this is one of the best toys for you.

You can turn the cubes and the time machine. [Read More...]


10x10x 10 Twisty Puzzles

Check out the 10x10x10 and you will find this puzzle toy so fun and full of surprises. This is the first mass produced 10x10x10 cube. This toy features a big size and it is quite heavy. This is a solid toy and there are lots of characters in it. It is so interesting to play especially for people who have got the fervor for solving super challenging puzzles. You may find it overwhelming at first but you will find it enjoyable once you get the hang of it.

This is an amazing puzzle that you must never miss to [Read More...]


Gear Planet

Gear Planet was suggested by Ferdinand Lammertink. Ferdinand is best known as the inventor of several Thinkfun puzzles, including Backspin and Port-to-Port and recently Perilous Pipes by Popular Playthings. There are a total of 11 tiles in this puzzle toy and they can turn around the sphere. It features a green gear at the top and a blue gear at the bottom. The gear moves the tiles. There is a gearing and sliding mechanism for scrambling the tiles. The object is to get them all back in order. Experts may recognize some similarity between the gearing of four tiles, [Read More...]


Twist Apart

Twist Apart is a twist 2 by 2 that can be twist apart. This puzzle toy invention was from Korea. It looks like a 2 by 2 Rubiks cube. However, it is somehow hooked internally and the number of hooks is limited so it can be taken apart. The cube is easy to turn but be careful in solving the puzzle because when you make a wrong turn, it will lock. Just in case the cube locks up, simply look for another direction and take another turn.

Well just in case, your mind got extremely blown by this mind [Read More...]


3x3x5 + X-Cube + L-Cube

You will find 3x3x5 + X-Cube + L-Cube so interesting to play. The puzzle toy looks like a Rubik’s cube and you can turn the layers smoothly. You can twist and scramble the pieces of this cube then arrange it back. This is something that you would wish to include to your personal puzzle collection. Playing with this toy can help enhance your puzzle solving skills. It can bend and twist your brain. You can request a friend to scramble this puzzle cube and you can solve it with much excitement. All you have to do is to let [Read More...]

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