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Opposition Cube

Opposition Cube is a type of Constrained Cube. Rods are going all the way through the cube in three directions, so each face is bandaged by the opposite face. This puzzle toy looks like a Rubikís cube and it works similar to Rubikís cube as well.† It turns smoothly and as you can see in the video, there are some pins included in the cube and they can block some motions. When you choose to move one side then you can expect that the other side can not move because of the little button in the middle. If you wish [Read More...]


Enabler Cube

Enabler Cube was suggested in a discussion at the Twisty Puzzles Forum. It acts like a Rubik’s Cube with blocked layers. Only three layers can turn, i.e. those in which the rounded enabler cube resides. Specialists may call this type of turning deeper-than-deep cut. This puzzle is sort-of the opposite of Fused Cube, where the three layers of the special corner cube cannot turn.† This puzzle was inspired by a similar design by Evgeniy Grigoriev with an unlocking edge instead of an unlocking corner, and a comment by Bram Cohen.

This puzzle cube looks so close to a Rubikís cube, [Read More...]


Color Cubes by EbdaSoftware


If you enjoy challenging your mind with building games and are searching for a new addition to your android phone, then Color Cubes by EbdaSoftware is a perfect addition to your digital game collection. This is a traditional block game with all the challenges and puzzles for your mind you have come to love.

Using the process of elimination you move and shape blocks to match up large chunks of matching colors. Find the largest set of matching colors if you wish to get the highest score possible. With plenty of levels, increasing in difficulty as you move along [Read More...]


Twist Apart

Twist Apart is a twist 2 by 2 that can be twist apart. This puzzle toy invention was from Korea. It looks like a 2 by 2 Rubiks cube. However, it is somehow hooked internally and the number of hooks is limited so it can be taken apart. The cube is easy to turn but be careful in solving the puzzle because when you make a wrong turn, it will lock. Just in case the cube locks up, simply look for another direction and take another turn.

Well just in case, your mind got extremely blown by this mind [Read More...]


Anarchy Cube

An Anarchy Cube is like a Rubik cube, as you can see in the video, it includes everything that a Rubik cube has, it comprises 8 corners and all corners have 12 edges. This puzzle toy also features 6 centers. The edges, centers and corners are scattered all around a cube. You can turn the toy in order to solve the puzzle. At first look, this puzzle toy really looks chaotic and solving it can be a super challenge.

The anarchy cube can appear to be unsolvable in the sense that it cannot be made back into a regular [Read More...]


Brain Health, Neuroplasticity and How it May Relate to Puzzles

the brain

It’s safe to assume that everyone reading this loves puzzles. But what do puzzles and games do for us besides relax and entertain? From some reading Iíve been doing around the web, more than you may think.

Neuroplasticity is an emerging new science that looks at how the brain isnít as hard wired as we may think it to be. It instead looks at the brain as a soft wired piece of equipment which adapts to the needs of individuals over time. It is a sort of functional evolution that occurs very subtly and quite necessarily for [Read More...]


Bubble Pent

It is high time to bring Rubik puzzle to the next level!†Bubble Pent†is an extremely brain twisting puzzle toy. It is as colorful as a Rubik but the lines will give you an extra challenge to successfully complete the puzzle. It is a bubble sized pentagonal prism with pentagonal parts of 5 rectangles and 2 pentagons that can be formed on top and bottom. This toy is inspired by a mechanical concept. In bubble sized prism there should be at least 3 or 4 bubbles in a row. The puzzle solver can solve the puzzle by turning the parts [Read More...]

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