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Build Your Own 2×2 Magnetic Dice Cube


After the detail instructions how to “Build your own Magnetic Rubik’s Dice Cube”, you can now also find a detailed instruction at Instructables dot com on how to Build Your Own 2×2 Magnetic Dice Cube.

Next to the detailed instructions and pictures you can also read the story behind creating this 2×2 magnetic dice cube and all problems encountered including the solution to solve these problems. Enjoy reading and if you are a real DIY’er maybe you can try to build a 2×2 magnetic dice cube [Read More...]


Rubik’s Delta Ball Review


Finally added last weekend Rubik’s Delta Ball to my collection after writing about the Rubik’s Delta Ball puzzle some weeks ago.

Rubik’s Delta Ball is the latest in the Rubik’s puzzle Range which started with Rubik’s Cube more than 25 years ago. Rubik’s Delta Ball is invented by Marc Wittevrongel and his son from Belgium Rubik’s Delta Ball has sold under the Jumbo brand.

At this moment Rubik’s Delta ball is available in parts of Europe but also in the Oakland USA (thanks to Derrick). Retail price is around 13 Euro (approx. US$ 20).

Rubik’s [Read More...]


Rubik’s Cube Junior for Children


Publisher Winning Moves have a Rubik’s Cube Junior especially for kids. Children as young as five can now experience that sense of accomplishment that comes from solving a Rubik’s Cube.

This Junior version of Rubik’s Cube features two fun colors (instead of six), pink and green, as well as a friendly monkey face. Kids can now solve the puzzle in stages, completing the green side first, followed by the monkey face and finally the whole cube.

Rubik’s Cube Junior is for children of age 5 and up and costs around US$ 5.95. [available via Amazon.com]. Happy [Read More...]


Vanessa Hudgens Launch Rubik’s Revolution


Following up last weeks post about Vanessa Hudgens launching Rubik’s Revolution and celebrating Father’s Day at Toys ‘R’ Us Times Square on Saturday (June 16) in New York City.

Check out pictures from WireImage and GlobePhotos.

You can buy your own Rubik’s Revolution at Amazon. Happy Puzzling!

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Rubik’s Numbulation


As Sudoku sweeps across the globe, tightening it’s stranglehold on commuters, Carol Vorderman and millions of people’s DS’s, numerous other pretenders to the crown have popped up, all vying to be called the Next Big Casual Mathematical Thing.

As a puzzle game with a strong tilt towards people of a numerate nature, Rubik’s Numbulution is the newest challenger to the throne a mathematical puzzle game that relies as much on your ability figure out a puzzle as it does your skill at adding up numbers in the most obscure way possible.

When you begin a game, you’ll be presented [Read More...]


Vanessa Hudgens’ Starts Rubik’s Revolution


High School musical star Vanessa Hudgens starts a Rubik’s Cube Revolution at Toy’s ‘R’ Us at Time square USA.

Vanessa Hudgens and her father unveil 21st Century Rubik’s Cube and lead in-store Cube Contests at the center of the Toy Universe on Father’s Day Weekend. There is also a private autograph signing for first 400 guests who purchase Rubik’s Revolution.

WHO: Vanessa Hudgens, solo recording artist and star of High School Musical and High School Musical 2; Techno Source, creator of Rubik’s Revolution; and Toys ‘R’ Us Times Square

WHAT: Vanessa Hudgens brings her father, Greg Hudgens, to Toys “R” [Read More...]


Rubik’s Cube Returns To Russia


Rubik’s Cube is on sale again in Russia. Since the first of June 2007, Rubiks.RU is selling officially Rubik’s Cube in Russia online.

The company based in Moscow, Russia focusing on puzzles and developmental toys category. Currently they exclusively represent the Rubik’s brand in Russia and import and distribute, among other puzzles, 100% original best-sellers of all times – Rubik’s Cube and Rubik’s Twist.

They are also working on bringing the newest Rubik’s Revolution to Russia. Happy Puzzling!

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